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There Seems a Way that is Right
March 11, 2018 Bethlehem Community Church
Sunday, March 11, 2018 -- Sermon Questions -- Series: The Book of Proverbs “THERE SEEMS A WAY THAT IS RIGHT” 1. Read Proverbs 16:18. Why is pride so dangerous (discuss challenger illustration)? 2. Read Proverbs 16:25. What is this verse saying? How is it connected to pride? What is death in this passage? 3. What did you think of the letter sent to Frank? How is the letter connected to Proverbs 16:25? 4. If someone says to you, “Jesus is all about love.” How would you respond? (I.e. Look at Matthew 22:34-40, John 14:21, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.) 5. What does it really mean to be free? (See John 8:31-32.) 6. Is having fear always not good. (I.e. see Proverbs 1:7, Matthew 10:28). 7. What is the problem of American Christianity according to Frank? Do you agree? Why or why not? 8. What is the essence of true Christianity. (See Luke 9:23-24, Revelation 12:11.)
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