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April 01, 2018 Bethlehem Community Church
Sunday, April 1, 2018 -- Sermon Questions -- EASTER SUNDAY “INCOGNITO” Pastor Frank Wray 1. What did you think of the story of Joshua Bell? Would you have stopped to listen to him? 2. Read Luke 24:13-32. A. Why do you think we were given only one of the disciples’ names? B. Why, in Luke’s account of the resurrection, do you think He appears first to two supporting characters -- rather than, say, Peter, James or John? C. Why do you think these two disciples failed to recognize Jesus at first? (I.e., think in terms of what kind of Messiah they were expecting.) D. Read Isaiah 53. (Remember that Isaiah wrote this 700 years before Jesus walked this planet.) What does this tell you about the Messiah – God? E. What kind of Jesus do you have? 3. Read 1Peter 2:21. What does this have to say about the followers of Jesus and their life on planet earth? 4. What does Jesus’ resurrection have to say to us, today?
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