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Accelerate Your Mojo: The Book and More Podcast

This podcast covers the spiritual concepts (and their practical application) in the book Accelerate Your Mojo: 7 Simple Steps to Ignite Intuition, Shake off Fear, and Unleash the Real You. This podcast is for you if you: Struggle to put spiritual principals into practice, even though you believe in a soul, spirit or non-physical energy part of yourself, trust that intuition has a place in guiding your life and want to learn how to listen to it and apply its advice, get frustrated when things don't go as planned and start to believe maybe success just isn't of you (even consider giving up), avoid situations or people due to anxiety, lack of self-confidence, worry, doubt, or fear and desire to be your true self in the world, caring less about what people think of you and focusing more on peace of mind and your goals. Book Description: You're not doomed to repeat the past or hardwired to play out certain painful drama. The good life is not reserved for a select few. A new idea has surfaced in person development which states: the only help you truly need is help from you total self. A masterful blend of logic and spirituality, Accelerate Your Mojo (the book) walks you through a seven step process uniquely designed to spark intuition, transform ease, and inspire your authentic self to rise up form within and be celebrated.

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