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Mary, the new Eve
March 25, 2018 St. Innocent Orthodox Church
If man has brought about a distancing between himself and God, it is God nevertheless who makes the first approach to man, to bridge this division. A woman first made the abyss between man and God. Lo, a woman now become the bridge over the abyss. Eve first fell into sin, and this in the brightness of Paradise, where everything protected her from sin. Mary was the first to overcome all temptations, and this in the darkness of the world, where everything pulls towards sin. Therefore the weak- willed Eve gave birth, as her first fruit on earth, to Cain the slayer of his brother, while the heroic Mary gave birth to the Hero of heroes, who led the fratricidal human race, the fruit of Eve the disobedient and impure, out of the shadow of sin and death.
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