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Danon . Hello there, I'm Richard and I chose to produce a web store focused solely on offering Danon's variety, due to high client need, which has steadly grown over the last five years,. Danon's designs and styling are absolutely unique and variety extremely extensive. There are currently a number of web shops selling Danon's collection, nevertheless the majority of them have a limited selection of the range and do not have the privilege of being located so near to their workshops right here remains in Israel. DanonJewellery.net (my site) distributes around the world with complimentary shipping offered along with great deals of other brands. We will be providing the complete Danon variety, upgrading the website on a routine basis. If you have any concerns concerning Danon's product, please don't be reluctant to call me. I look forward to learning through you. Please feel complimentary to visit my website I hope you enjoy your shopping experience.