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Appalachian Health Podcast

Danny Scalise

This podcast is a look into the world of public health, healthcare, and health policy of central Appalachia. My home, West Virginia, is entirely located within the Appalachian region and we have our own quirks, vocabulary, and lifestyle. We like twangy music, fishing, and football. We eat biscuits & gravy and occasionally sip on corn likker. With that comes our own health issues. My goal is to address the issues and talk about solutions to any problems. I will interview an expert to discuss a 30,000 foot view of these issues facing the area. Each episode, that expert will be someone that can give some insight into these issues and how patients can help themselves or work with their healthcare provider. Public health literature says only 20% of health outcomes can be solved by anything that is clinical in nature. I hope the listeners to this will learn how they can work to solve problems with the other 80% and learn about the people who are working in the field. This podcast doesn’t supplant a regular visit to your physician, dentist, or other provider. I am not a physician and do not give medical advice. Though some of my guests will be physicians, they won’t be giving medical advice either. However, I hope it brings to light different things you or I can do to help everyone in these here mountains to improve their health and the health of others. If you have further questions, I always give the advice that you should talk with your physician.

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