The ONE Thing Business Podcast

Episode #02 - The ONE Thing Business Podcast - Mike Capuzzi, The Power & Prestige of Being a Main Street Author

December 12, 2019 Ron Sheetz
The ONE Thing Business Podcast
Episode #02 - The ONE Thing Business Podcast - Mike Capuzzi, The Power & Prestige of Being a Main Street Author
The ONE Thing Business Podcast
Episode #02 - The ONE Thing Business Podcast - Mike Capuzzi, The Power & Prestige of Being a Main Street Author
Dec 12, 2019
Ron Sheetz

Mike Capuzzi is an advisor, author and speaker for business owners looking to stand out. Since 1998, Mike has helped thousands of business owners market their business smarter. He is the inventor of the world-famous collection of hand-drawn direct-response doodles—CopyDoodles®—which are used by copywriters, marketers and business owners around the world.

For the past decade, Mike has helped business owners become published authors and in 2019 he launched Bite Sized Books, a new publishing venture founded on his proven formula for creating short, helpful

books (shooks™) for Main Street business owners. Shooks are the ideal type of book for local business owners to publish because they are easy to create, can be read in about an hour and offer helpful ways for readers to connect with the author.

In his latest shook, Main Street Author, Mike shares his proven formula anybody can use to author, publish and leverage a shook

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Mike Capuzzi is an advisor, author and speaker for business owners looking to stand out. Since 1998, Mike has helped thousands of business owners market their business smarter. He is the inventor of the world-famous collection of hand-drawn direct-response doodles—CopyDoodles®—which are used by copywriters, marketers and business owners around the world.

For the past decade, Mike has helped business owners become published authors and in 2019 he launched Bite Sized Books, a new publishing venture founded on his proven formula for creating short, helpful

books (shooks™) for Main Street business owners. Shooks are the ideal type of book for local business owners to publish because they are easy to create, can be read in about an hour and offer helpful ways for readers to connect with the author.

In his latest shook, Main Street Author, Mike shares his proven formula anybody can use to author, publish and leverage a shook

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welcome to this strategy rich tradition of the one thing podcast hosted by Ron Sheets. On each episode, Ron introduces you to the amazingly successful entrepreneurs from his role Adex to reveal the simple truths behind the one marketing strategy they rely on to produce extraordinary results. Each episode is guaranteed to expose you to a proven approach for producing high value and highly profitable business. Welcome to this episode of the One thing podcast. Hello, everyone. Welcome to another episode of the one thing business podcast I'm Run sheets. My guest Today has been working with clients since 1998 when he left a lucrative job in the software industry to start his own marketing consulting company. Since then, Michael Posey has helped thousands of business owners and marketers around the world with his effective high impact tactics and strategies. This expertise has led him to be a guest speaker on the stages of some of the world's most foremost experts on marketing, including Dan Kennedy and Bill Glaser. Multiple times in 2007 Mike brought his private collection of copy doodles to the world and created the largest library of hand drawn direct response doodles for online and offline marketing. To date, tens of thousands of people have used copy doodles to make their marketing stand out with hand drawn graphics. In 2019 Mike launched bite sized books, which is a new publishing venture founded on his proven formula for creating short, helpful books known as Shook CE. For Main Street business owners, Shocks are ideal for business owners who are looking to increase their level of authority and sell smarter by providing helpful information and easy to read bite size books might recently published his latest Shook Main Street author, which shows local business owners howto author publish and leverages shook in their business while also clarifying and debunking several beliefs many people have about writing a book today. We're gonna discuss the power and prestige of being a mean street author. Mike. Welcome to the program.

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Hey Ron, thank you very much. I appreciate this opportunity.

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So I appreciate you being on here. So let's let's delve in. First of all, because you talk about Main Street author What? How do you define that? What is a mean street author?

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Yes, a main street off. There is something I came up with to differentiate the opportunity for local slash traditional type of business owners ones that you used to find on Main Street but now could be found pretty much anywhere. But these are the types of business owners, uh, that air service providers, product providers, um, you know, people that we interact with every each and every day, and they are typically for gotten when it comes to the notion of Hey, you should write a book, right? So typically it's the guru. If you know this big expert who wants to be all over the world on TV on Oprah, that kind of thing, right? Obviously. Book publishing books offering this time the strategies with those kind of people. But who's helping the local traditional business owner? I understand how to effectively, you know, craft a book and use a book in his or her bricks and mortar main street type business. So that's who I serve, and that's you know what we do on a daily basis here.

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Well, you know, it's important, I think, for people to understand that you hit it when we think author, we kind of immediately get this mental picture. This psychological profile of who the author is, and it's some big name we see on TV and that type of stuff. But yet they're an expert, and I think that's the core of what you're talking about is that everybody can be and should be an author because they're an expert in what they do. And a book is an excellent platform. So what are the three top reasons why? I mean street business owner should considering publishing a book. I mean, what's it going to do for them?

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It's a question. I mean, first and foremost, we even today, we most people are conditioned to put authors at a higher level of respect, right? Um, it's just we're conditioned to that. So when someone says, Hey, I have written a book on, uh, I am the author of automatically. Most people just apply a different and higher level of respect on that person. So that is something that is obviously something that money can't buy per se. It's a very enviable position. The other thing is, most if not all of a person's competition, especially at a local business owner level, have not written a book, are not using a book centric marketing strategy to differentiate themselves and their business. So that's another key thing is the fact that it allows you automatically differentiate yourself and then 1/3 idea running there? Several. But 1/3 1 would be. When you have a book, uh, and you craft and create a book centric marketing strategy, it allows you to sell and market and advertised at a higher, more sophisticated level. So whereas most business owners are selling the widget and maybe if they're a little more advanced or selling the benefits of the widget when you're a book off there and you're using a book centric marketing strategy, you can sell at a higher level, and it all starts would get my book first. And then everything that follows is a very unique sales strategy.

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Yeah, yeah, that's that's key. There's a friend of ours that both of us in the legal space, who, when you talked about elevating, I think one of the things that, um, fella in the legal space is that he has so many books and uses them in a connection point in that, um, you know, I'm speaking about Ben when he meets somebody, and he finds a hot button or ah, connection point. What's the word I'm looking for? He's got some because he has nine kids and he has books, all different types of things. He uses it strategically as a affinity piece, which is a really unique strategy with a book unto itself.

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Yep, that's what Ben does. A great job is, and you kind of alluded. Itude was is that he crafts books on very specific pain points and topic of topics of interest for his prospects of people who could eventually become a client of his law firm. So it's a very unique strategy where instead of writing in a tizzy, tome on, you know, whatever that big topic is, he's slicing and dicing it so that when someone sees that particular book, they could say, Hey, that's for May.

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Yeah, which I think leads me to. The next question is, what's the difference? I mean, you talk about Shuk Shuk. What's the difference between a shook and a book?

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Okay, well, you're a smart marketers, so you know, the A the importance of just differentiating products and service is so, you know, the kind of company that sell hamburgers, The law for the Big Mac, but they're all hamburgers. There's obviously a ton of companies that help people publish books. Um, but I decided to create my own brand of short, helpful book A Shook, Uh, that is again four Main Street type business owners, but also Ron follows using food metaphor. Ah, very specific recipe. Um, so first and foremost, they are direct response books. So you and I are direct response marketing students and fans. That's a whole other subject what that means. But essentially, it means that these short, helpful books are designed to elicit a response by the reader. So that's one thing. Second thing is, they look different. They're designed differently. They're not. They're not as big. The size of the Book of the Shook is different a little bit smaller, so it creates a pattern interrupt. Obviously, it has less pages, so you know the physical look of it. And then the fact that it is shorter makes it much easier and faster for people to read, which is a good thing. And it makes it much easier and faster for people like you and me too, right? So those are a couple of big differences of a shook and verse of the book. I think that's

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important. I think that people do not want to miss there. From my own experience with a client we had in the medical field, we had our doctor write a book that was used for completely direct response purposes. I mean, our intention was lead generation piece,

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and we published

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a book, but it was a really book, was a medical book, but it had direct response elements in it, and it was designed to drive a person to set an appointment with the practice and what we found. Waas that the book and using the normal format of the book. It was counterintuitive to what we wanted to get because we found it delayed people actually making an appointment because they didn't think they could make an appointment until they read the book. So I think it's an important thing for people not to miss is that there is a powerful strategy of having a book but not having a book that's too long because it's for a particular purpose. I think that's the key thing for people to understand.

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Yeah, if I could expand on that if I could, so you bring up an excellent point. So years ago, we're going back 12. Probably 12 years ago, I had a client who was a local dentist. Actually, I became a patient of his because he was. His unique service was he did not use Mercury in his practice. They called it a Mercury Mercury free dentistry. Then there's the whole reason why that's important. But aside from that and he used to come to my local G KFC chapter meetings, which, you know, I used to run back in 6 4007 that time frame and got, you know, got got into the whole direct response type of marketing and wanted to write a book about Mercury free dentistry for his practice. And I highly suggest it to him way back then, not to do what he wanted to do, Which is right this in cycling encyclopedia, and we're talking a book for potential patients. Right long story, short run. After about a year, year and 1/2 he finally got this book done. A. It was a hardcover. Books cost a lot of money to create be it was like 400 pages and you put it on his shelf. You know, in the in the office, he gave me copies. I never read it. Um, it was just It was like an encyclopedia, and he was proud of it. But I followed up with them over the years and he said, Hey, it was good. You got it out. But it did not do what he wanted it. D'oh! So you you know, you bring up a good point. Yes, there is a time and place for that type of book. But if you're looking to get a potential prospect from step one, Step two in your sales process, you don't need a traditional built book. A shook will do a much better job.

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Yeah, I think it's important you, you and I are readers we like to read, and I think we should never underestimate the, um, lack of interest isn't really the right word of people to read. They're looking to read for information in order to make decisions. And that's what you're you're shook. D'oh! You use the food analogy a little bit earlier on that, so I'll tie that back in. What's the What's the secret sauce What's the special sauce for a show?

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Tom? Italian. We're talking about food here. Yeah,

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well, I'm talking with my hands. So you

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But this special, what I call the special sauce of shucks is the literally the ingredient and recipe to create a shock. So there are 20 plus. You know, I call him building blocks, essentially of the special sauce, and I designed that. So I had a very simple path to follow. When I create my own shucks and I you know, I use them for our clients to, because it gives a person again. Ah, main Street business owner who's not necessarily interested in trying to, you know, write this amazing book. That's gonna, you know, reach critical acclaim instead. Here, she just wanted to do something very specific. Get a phone call. Come visit. Um, so give that person a step by step pain bite numbers formula literally from the first page to the last page and typically shook. So are about 100 to 120 pages thereabouts. Um and it tells you it shows that person here, but this year put this there. But that's you know, this piece there, and it really does give, um, you know, a business owner. A very simple formula for crafting a direct response book that will get prospects the raise, her hand and then eventually become customers.

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Awesome. Awesome. So all great information, however, information is just information. Without action, it doesn't mean anything. I mean, what's what's one of the most powerful ways that you would tell somebody how to leverage a shook to grow their business?

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Yeah. So again, going back to the idea that in the guru expert online marketer, there are a ton of books on Amazon and out there that help people. Here's how you use the book to become Quote an expert, and that's again, those have their place. I am not knocking them. The local business owner, the dentist, the lawyers, the insurance agent, the service providers, the gym owner, whoever there are strategies and tactics. Creating a book centric marketing strategy that are unique, unique to the opportunities those types of business owners have. One of the most effective weighs a local Ah, main street type business owner can use a book is to identify a network in his or her community of what I call strategic partners. So these are business owners and businesses that align with your business. So I worked with another dentist in the last year again. Another Mercury free dentist, which is very interesting, unfortunately, just passed away. But he became a ship client. He offered his shook, and immediately after it was created, published, he went out and went out to about 20 different businesses in his community. Again, Holistic dentistry. Mercury Free Dentistry is about a different way of, you know, doing dentistry attends a line with people who are very concerned about their health and what they put their body. So he went out to yoga studios, health food stores, chiropractors, different local businesses, that a line and have the type of people that would be interested in his type of dentistry already coming into their doors. And he put little displays and he gave away his shook, you know, a little sign, free, free book, you know, like a point of sale or was on someone's, you know, countertop. And just by doing that strategy, Ron, within the 1st 30 days he had three new patients which will work a couple $1000 him just by putting his shook out there and getting in front of other people's customers. So that's a unique strategy that the online marketer uses through affiliate marketing. But the local business owner can use in a different way.

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Yeah, yeah, I'll tell you, I wish I wish whatever was five years ago when I published my first book, I would have known about all of this and had all of this because it took my first book. Probably took me several years to finally get published because there was there was a well known self publishing manual out there that I went God, I figured that was the thing I've got and I got into it. It was over 400 pages, and I thought, No freaking way, you know, this is gonna be too daunting. You really simplified this thing and made it super easy for people to be able to get their information out there in that form. Um, another question. To help the listeners understand off wrapping their head around, being an author and being perceived and viewed as an author. You said early on in the interview that you know, it elevates the perception that people have from your experience with clients who've done shook with you and that what some of the feedback you've gotten from them, about how they heard people perceive them. So going into the selling situation, going into, you know the transaction and said, How has that changed the dynamics?

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You know? Great. That's a great question. I mean, we could do a whole podcast just on that, but I mean, there's there's so many different ways. But let's let me focus on one. I mean, obviously, if you have a book and you get it out in the local media and get the recognition of being an off there, that sort of establishes a beachhead, a different type of beachhead when people eventually work with you. But I would say one of the most powerful things a short, helpful book does is that it gives you the opportunity to have a conversation with a prospect who's interested in what you do, because that's why they picked up the Shuk Shuk. They're designed to be read in about an hour, so that's the promise of them. Your prospects and reviews in about an hour, and that is an hour of hopefully undivided attention where they, the reader can start to understand your philosophies, your belief Get to know you better. So what it does is when it comes to. Well, the next step is a meeting with you or the next step is some sort of consultation If they've least gone through your shook and hopefully if they have read it, they have a completely different understanding of who you are, what you're all about, maybe what your fee structures like, because there might be a language in your ship that drives away the bargain shoppers that found what you want. So what? What? I think one of the most effective things about being a book off there is it allows you to sort of lay the groundwork before someone comes into your place of business and really set up. You know what they should be expecting from you over. Although I would say just from a very high level people, consumers, prospects, love shook. They love the fact that they're quick and fast focused. And, you know, it can be really easy for me to say No, this is something everyone should do. But people just love him. So for my clients, they work very well.

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Good. This this program, this podcast is the one thing business podcast. So what's the one takeaway that you would have people? No, or take away from this interview?

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Well, it would be easy for me to say you should be a sugar author, but I think it's even, Ah, higher level, more important level of information. And that would be this concept of what I call helping before selling. So most business owners have the opportunity and should be helping before selling. That doesn't mean you list out every feature and benefit. It means you have a strategic way to help people understand their pain, their wants, their needs and craft helpful content that shows them what to do next and then give them the next step. So I would say the one thing that I would want people to listen you are listening to take away from this is if you're not leveraging a helping before selling strategy and information. First marketing strategy and educational first marketing strategy, which obviously a shook a book, is an important part of that would be a thing you should really consider.

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Good, good, nice, awesome. So keeping an eye on the clock here and respecting your time. How can people How come my listeners get a copy of your newest book, which I mentioned the top of the show Main Street author.

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Thank you for that. And we just offered right on Amazon. It's now up there in print format. It's in Kindle format, and it's now an audio format. So that's another thing. Ron, I've learned recently, is just how many people consume books in audio books. So there's a little tidbit for people who may have a book or maybe thinking about a book you definitely want to consider an audio book. So it's up there. It's price. It's under 10 bucks, but it's a great little book will take about an hour to read. And, uh, if you grab it, I'd love to hear from you and me. We think of it.

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Okay, so, everybody, go grab a copy of Mike's book, Main Street Author. Go to Amazon Search, Main Street, author Mike Kapu Z and that's C A. P u Z z I. And pick up a copy of that read through that, um, I can testify to the power of having a short helpful book. I currently have two. I am finishing up right now on my third, and I have two others in the work's already, Um, so it's It's one of most powerful things that I've done in my business, and it does all the things that might described in the in the show today. I mean, you It's one of those things that always what I in my business when I talked to Dennis and clients and I tell them how powerful an important relationship marketing is in that, You know, people can read all this stuff, and they can under all understand all this stuff. But until they actually experience it does it finally makes sense. And my recommendation is pick up a copy of Mike's book. Read it. Um, at the very least, set the wheels in motion and getting a shook put together because you can't anticipate the power of what a book will do for you and your business until you actually have one, you're using it. So a last comments, any last thoughts before we wrap up Mike.

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Well, Ron, thanks. I appreciate the opportunity, and hopefully your listeners got some good information. If folks want to learn more about me. They can visit my composer dot com. They can also visit Main Street author dot com. There's links there to grab the book on Amazon. And, uh, yeah, um, I'd love to see. And if anyone eventually becomes an author, whether the book or a shook, I'd love to hear from you.

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Well, Mike, I appreciate your time and folks don't hesitate. I would jump on this right away and start the investigation and then looking into it, get the book. It's a quick read. Mike sent me a copy. It's excellent there'll be something there that you haven't even thought off. So, Mike, appreciate you taking the time. I know you're busy and your time is valuable. Appreciate you taking the time and spend it with us today. Thanks for tuning in. I'm sure you got a lot from this episode. Be sure to subscribe to this podcast on Apple iTunes or your favorite podcast mobile out. So you never miss an episode. You can get the transcription of today's episode in Ron's Monthly Relationship marketing newsletter, go to new dental marketing ideas dot com to learn more and sign up as a listener, you can get two months free, a 39 90 value. Join Ron and his next guest here on the one thing podcast.