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Drop the Needle
January 29, 2017 Paul Fuhr, Michael Verlie & Sean Golden

Mike, Sean & Paul discuss healing in recovery. Songs included: (1) "Adulthood" - Jukebox the Ghost; (2) "Paper Bag" - Fiona Apple; (3) "Carry On" - fun.; (4) "Sticks & Stones" - Bruce Hornsby; (5) "Portugal" - Walk the Moon; (6) "Head Underwater" - Jenny Lewis (listener suggestion from Amy Talbott!); (7) "Blue Skies Again" - Jessica Lea Mayfield; (8) "Billions of Eyes" - Lady Lamb; (9) "Duck and Cover" - Glen Phillips. Proud member of the Since Right Now addiction recovery podcast network. (Drop the Needle does not own or claim ownership of any music used in this podcast. All rights go to original owner.)

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