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"Last Call" (Guest: Nancy Carr)
April 01, 2018 Paul Fuhr, Michael Verlie & Sean Golden / Nancy Carr

Writer Nancy Carr ("Last Call") called from San Diego to share music that spoke to her pre-sobriety days as well as her much-cherished post-sobriety ones. In addition to discussing her popular memoir and acclaimed blog, Carr discussed her personal writing process, stepping into an AA room alone for the first time, the dark underbelly of 12-step programs, what fellowship means to her and what she hopes others will get out of reading her memoir. Artists this episode include The Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers, Dave Matthews Band and Jimmy Cliff. You can find Nancy's book everywhere online (https://goo.gl/uqLD6N), follow her at Twitter (@NlcarrC), or read her blog (https://lastcallblog.me/). (Drop the Needle does not own or claim ownership of any music used in this podcast. All rights go to original owner.)

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