Line Dance Podcast

#147: Jeff Goodwin

May 21, 2019
Show Notes

(originally uploaded to YouTube: 22 Dec 2015)

"In this episode, the leash comes off. :) Or it's starting to loosen, anyway. DJ Jeff and I talked for even longer than our previous sit-down (which I haven't uploaded due to the microphone catching loud gusts of wind across its entire duration) and got into all sorts of new territory within the field of line dance, skipping over much of the background information and personal history topics that we had previously covered at length. I won't spoil too much of this one for you with a detailed summary, I'll just say that I had a lot of fun getting excited about future possibilities for line dance and heated over opinions that I'm sure many of you hardcore enthusiasts out there will share or at least understand; leave a comment if you agree or disagree with anything in particular!

Correction regarding the members of Masters in Line, which I mentioned in the second half of the video: "In 2002, as part of an exciting new venture, Rachael joined forces with leading industry personalities Pedro Machado, Rob Fowler, Paul McAdam, and established business woman and promoter Barbara Blake. Together they formed ‘Masters In Line’, a dance events company that specialized in competitive and social Line Dance events." - from

Also, from the "line dance" Wikipedia entry: "Max Perry, along with Jo Thompson, Scott Blevins and several others, began to use ballroom rhythms and technique to take line dancing to the next level." -

I got some of my names and associations crossed in the heat of the moment. :)"


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