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Episode 21 - Do We Need Church? Unscripted Conversations on Life & Faith
May 23, 2017 Kayla Craig, Lindsy Wallace, Kristi James, Lori Harris, Shannon Evans
The church is weird and disappointing. And we love it anyway. Why? Join us for a conversation that almost feels like a family meeting. We acknowledge the shortcomings of the local church, but talk about the importance, too. In some Upside Down Podcast episodes, we’ve shared our (valid) frustrations with the church, the church in America, places where the church isn’t doing enough, etc. and we want to take an episode to lay a foundation of our relationships with the Church at large and the local church, too. We discuss church hurt, Catholicism, community, church consumerism, and more. Kristi James hosts with Kayla Craig and Lindsy Wallace.
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