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#93 - A Tropical Getaway for an In-Depth Critique
March 11, 2014 Vooks.Net

Most of you guessed it, and it’s therefore one of our worst kept secrets, but we’ve finally put together our thoughts to bring our viewers a in-depth look at one of Nintendo’s most divisive Mario games - Super Mario Sunshine. A critical and commercial success back when it released, more retrospective looks have been much more critical since then. The regular team of James, Steven and Daniel take us through the game from beginning to end – covering the development history and cultural context of the games release, the game’s story itself as well as it’s a rather odd emphasis on delivering a more “serious” story. The team then looks at the game’s design - including the game structure, the game’s platforming mechanics and the most divisive inclusion of them all - FLUDD. To close off, we discuss the game’s tropical visuals, it’s soundtrack and even elements of the game that were cut early in production and how they might have impacted on the game at large. We feel like we’ve kind of found our niche with this new format of the podcast, but those who aren’t fans of Super Mario Sunshine need not to fret – we’ll be back with a brand new episode in a fortnight with the traditional format. This format is new and we’ll be doing them from time to time, though, so make sure to give us feedback in the comments! We really appreciate it! As always, we included a very vague snippet to give hints as to what the team is playing to analyse next - did you catch it? What game do you think we’re working on next? For full production credits, music credits and a timeline of the episode please visit

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