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#98 - Flying Animals, Space Travellers & Lasers
May 21, 2014 Vooks.Net

The team opens up the Nintendo vault to do another in-depth critique for a game belonging to a franchise that Nintendo has long forgot. Released several years ago for the original DS, and the latest (original) Starfox title in the franchise, Starfox Command was a bizarre game. It featured a new approach to the Starfox formula, coupled with new hardware (for the time) in the DS. It was received well critically, but the team isn't quite sure why. In this episode, we unpack the game's story, it's presentation and it's gameplay elements that contribute to our love (or hate) for the game. Want to know what we thought of Starfox Command? Tune into this episode to find out. For full production credits and music credits, please visit

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