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#101 – VCR Tape #005 - Timesplitters 2
July 01, 2014 Vooks.Net

The team returns with a brand new VCR tape! VCR stands for Vooks Critical Review, and it means the team will be diving into a game of yesteryear (or maybe even more recent) to dissect and critique it and see how well it holds up today! The game for this VCR tape is TimeSplitters 2, the first multi platform game from the team comprised of ex-Rare designers known as Free Radical Design. The team opens the episode by looking at a brief history of the game as well as discussing how the game establishes it's story. Being a rather comedic game, the team looks at it's tone and humour too. Then we get into the real nitty gritty - discussing the game design. Everything from the fundamental gunplay to a level by level analysis is touched upon, including how multiplayer and single player hold up today. To close the episode, we obviously run over how it stands up graphically as well. So sit back and enjoy this episode! We hope you like this new, alternate format for the episode and we'll return with a traditional episode sometime in the near future. For full production and music credits please visit

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