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The Vookcast - Australia's Nintendo Podcast
#106 - Hyrule, Curtains, Magnets and Turnkicks
September 23, 2014 Vooks.Net

The team returns with yet another episode of the Vookcast! We go over the latest news, as minimal as it is, including the latest Smash Brothers updates as well as the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire demo that was recently announced for release in the coming months. We also talk about Hyrule Warrior's downloadable content schedule and pricing structure as well as the new announcement of Image & Form's game SteamWorld Heist. Of course, it wouldn't be any Vookcast without a mention of Watch_Dogs for Wii U so we threw in a small discussion about the game now that it's finally got a release date for the Wii U. The team has a massive four games to talk about this fortnight. Of course, the major release for this cycle was Hyrule Warriors, but the team also talked about Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call and how it differs from the original and why it's more than just an expansion pack. Shifting gears, the team also talks about two major eShop titles - Teslagrad and KickBeat: Special Edition, which both got the review treatment on Vooks only recently. So strap in for another episode of the Vookcast and rest easy knowing that by the next one, we'll all be playing Smash Brothers on 3DS! For full production and music credits please visit

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