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#116 - VCR Tape #010: Kirby Canvas Curse
March 10, 2015 Vooks.Net

Welcome to yet another VCR episode for 2015, and this one is quite an interesting one. While we go into this game in some considerable depth, the episode is much shorter than others but we hope you still enjoy our look at Kirby Canvas Curse, one of the more experimental of the Kirby games. Kirby Canvas Curse was arguably the first mainline Kirby game that didn't conform to the standard things you'd expect from a typical platformer. As such, we thought it was the most appropriate Kirby game to look at especially considering that a spiritual successor was released in the states just recently as Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. The team does the usual - talks about the development history (or in this case, context) for the game as well as critiques it's story, game design and presentation. To keep things mildly interesting for this very short episode, the team also talks about the Kirby series as a whole and where we see Kirby heading next. Check back next week for another traditional episode and one hell of a party!

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