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Medicine for Life

Dr. Lynn Stiff

A podcast about all things lifestyle and preventive medicine. Dr. Lynn Stiff is a dietitian-turned-physician passionate about empowering you to reach your health goals. She has seen firsthand the consequences of suboptimal diet and lifestyle choices while caring for patients riddled with chronic disease in the clinic and hospital. The true path to wellness is through addressing all areas of health – nutritional, physical, psychological and environmental. This podcast is a safe environment for people of all body sizes. Dr. Stiff knows that restrictive diets and more willpower are not the answer to fixing the state of our health. The false hope provided by the diet industry has resulted in a weight-biased society and health care system. This bias serves as a huge barrier to achieving complete wellness and preventing disease.This podcast takes a realistic and empowering approach to wellness. Through education, tools and support, Dr. Stiff provides evidence-based approaches to disease prevention that are sensible and sustainable. No fluff here. These are actionable items you can implement right now!

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