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Ozark Radio Hour 11-18-11: with Dr. Jim Young and Susie Q.
November 18, 2017 Dan Krotz & Heartbreak Media

Once again, host Dan Krotz has absolutely nothing to say and spends 5 minutes and 20 seconds of your time doing so. But the good news is you can skip tired old Dan and leap right into the heart of the program with Jim Young and Susie Q. Three cheers for fast forwarding!

Dr. Jim Young, noted author, educator, and co-founder of the Eureka Springs Metaphysical Society presents another episode of BeHearNow (5:28). This week, Jim guides listeners through the always complicated but always rewarding journey toward self-acceptance and the self-actualized life.

Capping off the show is Susie Q with The Roots and Reach of Music (17:06). Remember the George Clooney movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? This week Susie introduces us to Blind Blake, an early blues singer who wrote, performed, and recorded He’s in the Jailhouse Now, made famous by the Clooney film. It’s a great song and a wonderful recording.

Friends, thanks for tuning in to The Ozarks Radio Hour.

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