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Profiles in Risk - Episode 22: Contractors in Corporate Culture with Allied Restoration
July 16, 2017 InsNerds

In Episode 22, Carly and Nick speak with OP Alamaraz and Tim Bauer of Allied Restoration. What was expected to be a conversation entirely about claims contracting and restoration turned into a nearly hour long discussion about the importance of corporate culture. Both OP and Tim have an incredible story to tell and their passion for both their work and self-improvement will be obvious to anyone who listens. OP turned tragedy into an infectious mission to do good in the world... and Tim shed nearly 250 pounds The inspiration and motivation they provide to Allied and others is a lesson for any corporate leader in any industry. Enjoy SHOW NOTES Allied Restoration home page: Tim Bauer's LinkedIn Profile: Tim's website: ‘Skin Tight': Tim Sheds Tears of Joy Over Pending Plastic Surgery (Exclusive Video): Tim's email" OP Almaraz's LinkedIn Profile: marketing videos: OP's email: The Ritz Carlton Daily Lineup Call: Core Story - "Dream Clients" : Tversky & Kahneman: Moneyball scene referenced in the Podcast (the expert syndrome): Rank The Risk:

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