Ringside Podcast

Ep100: "Al Snow"

September 02, 2019 Season 3 Episode 100
Ringside Podcast
Ep100: "Al Snow"
Ringside Podcast
Ep100: "Al Snow"
Sep 02, 2019 Season 3 Episode 100
Ringside Podcast
Show Notes


It's the 100th Episode of the RINGSIDE PODCAST and we have a Big TWO hour show for you.

First, we DEBUT the New Theme Song for Ringside Podcast made by AEW's Mikey Rukus (@MikeyRukus). Thanks to Mikey for his hard work. You'll love the new theme!

Then, we are blessed to have the one and only Al Snow (@TheRealAlSnow) on this special episode to talk wrestling, OVW, WWE(F), and he basically takes us all to school or as Jeremy said on the show...to CHURCH with what ProWrestling is really about. 

This is an episode you DON'T WANNA MISS!

Al Snow also promotes his new book, "Self Help: Life Lessons From the Bizarre Wrestling Career of Al Snow" which can be purchased on Amazon or at any OVW Event. 

Ohio Valley Wrestling's "Fight for Freedom" Present by Gladiator Sports Network:
Wednesday, September 11th 2019 at 8:00pm
LIVE @ 4th Street Live 
400 S 4th St 
Louisville, KY 40202
Get tickets at: www.ovwrestling.com 

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