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Episode #21 - No Compromises Just Pure Profanity
November 09, 2012 Reaper / Eddie Satan

Tune in to find out the heaviest songs (or are they?), discover one of metal’s best new bands, analyze bands that sing in another language and a variety of new band submissions and picks from us. It is time for HELLCAST!


VIOLENTOR "The World" | HEARSE "The Moth" | ARCTURUS "Rodt Og Svart" | THORNSPAWN "Occult Black Death" | POSSESSION RITUAL "Lunar Hysteria" | N.F. "Necromaniac" | KEELHAUL "360" | CHAMBER OF HORRORS "Ever Wicked" | PURGATION "System Impaled" | EXHUMED "Slave To The Casket" | TRIPTYKON "Goetia" | HALLOW’S EVE "The Mansion"

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