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Episode #25 - Quartet of nerds
February 04, 2013 Reaper / Eddie Satan
We’ve got a packed studio! Four nerds in one room talking metal; that about sums it up for this Episode for sure. Although it is out of the realms of “underground” we discuss the commonly asked question “Which Sabbath?”, since after all they are the Grand Daddys and it is a rather ridiculous question. This week we impose the question to SODOM: What Happened? Follow us through the history of SODOM as we assess this matter and conclude with why bands lose their love and passion for metal which they built a career on. Tune out your nagging Mom or girlfriend with this week’s HELLCAST


SATANIC THREAT "Cursing At The Cross | EVOKEN "Towers Of Frozen Dark | ALTAR OF GIALLO "Master Of Exploitation | ATOMIC ROAR "Atomic Whore | OUTRAGE "Astaroth | DEAD CONSPIRACY "EXCLUSIVE NEW TRACK! | HELCARAXE "Vengeance At Orodruin | HEATHEN HOOF "Lonely Road | MOLOCH "Through Halo Of Fire-brands | MR. DEATH "The Plague And The World It Made | DRUNKEN BASTARDS "Toxic Patrol | NECROPHOBIC "The Ancients Gate | BAPTISM "Chalice Of Death

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