R009: Neon Pink Savvy with Zoe N. Sugg

August 29, 2017
R009: Neon Pink Savvy with Zoe N. Sugg
R009: Neon Pink Savvy with Zoe N. Sugg
Aug 29, 2017
Tracy Winchell / Zoe N. Sugg
Show Notes

R009: Neon Pink Savvy with Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg, creator of the ZuZu Cartoons collection, comes from a creative family accustomed to earning a living from their skills. In this interview, Zoe shares her take on the relationship between creativity and money, discipline and inspiration, and striking the right balance between preparing and publishing. Zoe tells us how she powers through fear by leaning on relationships with her peers. Plus, Zoe explains how pink relates to a social media branding crisis and why she rebooted her entire identity.

Oh, and she tells us where she finds ideas for her characters’ dialogue.

Hint: Be careful what you say to someone in the produce aisle of your favorite grocer!

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Show Notes

Stuff we talked about

What’s a comic-con?
Zoe worked at Ash Avenue Comics
Walt Kelly - Creator of the Pogo comic strip
Winchell Story Works on Patreon

Zoe’s favorite tools

WP Live Affiliate Link[1]
Wordpress See note from Tracy[2]
Open Office
Apple Pencil

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