R033: Rivertown Writer with Rachel Snider

October 26, 2018 Episode 33
R033: Rivertown Writer with Rachel Snider
R033: Rivertown Writer with Rachel Snider
Oct 26, 2018 Episode 33
Tracy Winchell / Rachel Snider
Rachel Snider is a wife, a mother of 3, a writer, an advocate for foster care and adoption, and she deals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - all of which are topics of conversation in this episode.
Show Notes

Rachel Snider has written and published 3 books. 

The genre is Christian historical fiction, which requires quite a bit of research to get the details right.

But in her storylines, Rachel weaves in painful and difficult topics, like sexual abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Interestingly enough, Rachel began writing the story before she was ever diagnosed with PTSD and she's continued to write and develop the characters, even as she begins to cope with mental illness.

We Talk With Rachel About:


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