RR06: Grief Recovery with Dave Conley

January 03, 2019
RR06: Grief Recovery with Dave Conley
RR06: Grief Recovery with Dave Conley
Jan 03, 2019
Tracy Winchell / Dave Conley
Grief, Wellness, Simple Habits, Water, Coaching
Show Notes

Reboots Rough Cuts
This special series is inspired by a conversation with Mikhail and a group of fellow podcasters, during which I expressed frustration about a backlog of beautiful stories growing proverbial dust on my hard drive.

Mikhail offered to help me clear the backlog and  to crank out as many of those episodes as possible by the close of 2018.

This is one of the interviews that will most certainly bring hope to many listeners - maybe even you.

RR06 Grief Recovery with David Conley
Reboots Rough Cut Episode 6 features David Conley, a former governmental tech executive  who lost his wife suddenly. That’s when Dave’s life stopped and he sank into a deep depression.

When Dave decided to just drink one sip of water, life - and business - started to change. Dave lost 150 pounds, quit his job, and launched his own business.

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Special Thanks to Mikhail Kosenkov
Mikhail has beautifully edited, mastered, and engineered this episode. 

If you're a podcaster and you don't have a sound genius, trust me. You need one. Even if it's to help you sort out your compression and EQ settings. 

He'll be glad to talk to you about your sound questions.


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