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May 10, 2017 Brian Metzger
A Pastor's Story is an attempt to gather and share the stories of men and women who are living out their pastoral vocation. This isn’t a collection of “holier than thou” stories or “holier than thou” storytellers. These are ‘slices of life’ real life from some amazing women and men who pastor: their fears, their hopes, the moments that drain them and the moments that fill them up. APS is not a “how to” podcast on being a pastor or anything else. We won’t be asking for tips, offering 10 new/better/more successful anythings. We won’t be exploring how to break barriers, organize for growth or go from farmer to rancher or any other painful metaphors. This is about the power of story and how our stories shape us. Each week on APS you will meet a new pastor, hear part of their story that I think has the power to encourage, comfort and provoke you. Two of the most powerful words I know are, “Me too!” and personally, that feeling of recognizing my own story, or part of my own story, in someone else’s journey has been healing, hopeful and profoundly encouraging for me. Most pastors will never share their story of a lifetime of faithfulness because faithfulness isn’t as sexy as numerical success. But as far as I understand the story we are in, faithfulness is the kind of success that matters most to God. APS is my place to collect the stories of men and women from all over church world who, day in and day out, are faithfully pursuing their vocation. In that way, each of these will be success stories. So if you’re interested in how the story makes the pastor, and you want to invest time in these kinds of success stories, subscribe, listen in and let me know how you have been impacted by the transparent, vulnerable pastors who share their lives on A Pastor’s Story. You can contact Brian at apastorsstory@gmail.com
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