2013 Podcasting Review in 140 Characters


2013 has been a tremendous year in the world of podcasting. So many news worthy stories elevated our cherished medium into the spotlight and in some cases, gave it the coveted label of “Media Trend.”

So much went on, we started with January and put together a podcasting year-in-review using tweets. Click the image to reach the full story under each tweet.

January: New Media Expo Announces The Winners of the 8th Annual Podcast Awards

New Media 2012 Awards

February: The Podcasters Google+ Community Reaches 1,000 Podcaster Milestone

Podcasters Community

As of this post, the community is now over 3,000 podcasters.

March: Google Announces the End of Google Reader, Sparks Question About the Fate of FeedBurner


Today: Feedburner is still supported by Google.

April: Jeff Bullas Tweets Out Podcasting Case Study

New media trend

May: Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Launches Full Court Press to Bust Podcasting Patent

EFF Full Court Press

June: Swell App Launches for iOS to Change Online Talk Radio

Swell  App Launches

July: Apple Announces Podcast Milestone - 1 Billion Podcast Subscriptions Through iTunes

Macworld 1 Billion Subscriptions

August: USA Today Claims “Podcasting is Back”

USA Today Podcasting is Back

August: The Podcasters Roundtable Discuss The USA Today Article With Question, Where Did it Go?

Podcasters Roundtable Podcasting is Back

September: Stitcher Announces 2014 Integration with Mazda 3, Bringing Podcasting to the Car’s Dashboard

Stitcher Integration with Mazda 3

October: EFF Files Lawsuit Against Podcast Patent

EFF Files Lawsuit

December: Stitcher Podcast Awards, Winners To Be Announced December 31

Stitcher Awards 2013

Looking Forward to Next Year

January 4-6: New Media Expo in Las Vegas!

New Media Expo 2014

2013 was truly a great year for podcasting and here at Buzzsprout, we’re all excited to see it grow even more in the new year.

If you’d like to add a 2013 news story or milestone to this list, tweet it to us! @buzzsprout.

Have a happy new year, and as always, happy podcasting!