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Ghoul Talk Episode 9: NYC Toy Fair 2014
February 20, 2014 mhghoultalk
Episode 9 : NYC Toy Fair 2014 1.Coffin Bean Dolls -Robecca with bangs?! 2.Creepateria dolls 3,Ghoul Sports dolls -new color for Spectra -another new Toralei 4.New Scaremester -Invisibilly!!!!! -Catty Noir 5.Zombie dance dolls 6.Freaky Fusion -Love or hate? -regular character fusions -Neighthon Rot -Re-Animation Chamber 7. I <3 Accessories (???) 8.. I <3 Fashion Wydowna(???)Nope its Cleo 9. Inner Monsters (press on their brains!) 10.Catacombs playset 11.MH Styling head 12. freaky fusion characters that dont' have dolls yet? - images from the movie shown of Avea trotter, Sirena von boo and the moth girl
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