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How Ina Coveney Trivialized out of Corporate

April 16, 2020 Alejandra Rojas Season 2 Episode 2
The Happy & Wealthy Podcast
How Ina Coveney Trivialized out of Corporate
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How many times have you doubt on taking the next step with your business, because you don't have clients, or you waiting the right timing, or you just don't know how to get out of your corporate life and start following what makes you happy? 

Well, Ina Coveney comes today to share her awesome story on How she trivialized out of corporate and how you can do it too. 

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Hello, Beautiful. You are Welcome to one more upset off the happy Well, people kiss Today I got V pleasure to interview in a cover me. She is on a person that I have admire for Armas A year or so since the beginning of these When I saw her on a Gladis I don't my mentor on I connected with her in so many ways. She has a lot in background, just like me issues from Venezuela. They makes your country from Colombia. She has this look that I see on people like I'm going to even the world. And she is has been just such an inspiration to get out of your conference and and to go for your dreams, for the things that you want to go are from things that you wanted to go after your dreams that I say I need to interview her and I need to hear one more times. Is this story so you can hear it. Welcome to seize the happy of wealthy, but guess you're hosed. Alejandra has money. A mindset, Coach. Finest low over wall traveler and your number one to leave. I want you to create the financial wealth you desire without sacrificing your happiness. Your purpose? Oh, you are so each week I'm gonna bring your insightful shed actionable bullets steps on discussion with experts so you can lug your potential to be wealthy. Thank you so much for listening. I just want to make your way that these Purkiss It's me talking royally raw 100% 200% just being myself. And because of that, sometimes from time to time I get overuse the F ward. So be mindful off your environment. And if you're around kids or people that is sensitive The this raw way off talking blocked your headphones on listening straight to your ears because we want to create this happy and waffle life without making uncomfortable all this. Thank you so much. Enough for it being here. I really wanted toe Have you as my guys on my part. Okay, because I I discover Earth e now at the beginning of 2019 with title travel izing out of corporate's like what? I Just everything that you know, it just really mind blowing. And I just wanted to share with everybody Why you dio and what's your story? So microphone is all yours. Well, I am honored to be here. Uh, this. I mean, you have been just a ray of sunshine. A the pleasure to have you in my group the other day. So thank you so much for coming and sharing all your wisdom, but yeah. No, thank you so much for saying that about my throw blazing out of corporate life. Ah, brand. You know, he didn't start out that way. I e d started out asked corporate thrill Blazers. But then people started to get confused. Just a thought that I meant your thrill blazing inside corporate right, Allah on Episode 50 off my podcast. That's when I decided. Okay, I prepared everybody. I'm like, OK, big rebrand. We're changing the name. I asked my community. What do you want us to be called? And that's what we in the rubber throw. But ah, yes. Yeah. I'm thinking everything is just in evolution, you know? How do you start anyway? What's like once their story e I don't know how far back you want on whatever you want to go far back you want, So I'm gonna try like you could give you a little like snippets off, but basically I have been born and bred in corporate. My parents Where? Um, we're from Venezuela, Right, Evans? Uh, and my parents worked for the oil company out there. My father was the chief information officer of the company. So they're all corporate people. This is how we make money. This is how we make a living. This is what smart people do. They get engineering degrees and they go off and become the CEOs of companies. Then that's what I grew up watching, so I always thought Okay, I guess the highest place that you can get to is a corporate is the is a corner office, right? Okay, so there we go. Let's do it. But I'm gonna tell you, the third day that I was working incorporate out of college, I have my apartment. I have my gig. I am learning about project management. I am in the corporate environment that was working for General Electric at the time, like super corporate. Yeah, I called my mother and I'm like, this is not what I wanted to dio home. I just want to quit. And she's like, no UK. You've made it this far at this point, they're so proud of me, right? I just graduated college computer science degree with honors. You. I got myself a job at a really, really good company. I am making good money. Their dreams are like, uh, I realized right. We've done everything right. If this is where our daughter ended up at age 22 right? So But I'm like, but this is no what I want. But I didn't know what I wanted. I knew that I wanted to be my own boss. I knew that I wanted to do things for myself. But I hadn't really seen myself in action much yet, right? I was just starting in the workforce. Now I just knew that this wasn't for me. But he took me 15 years to allow get out and quit and do something else. Because you have it so ingrained in your mind that this is how you do things down, how you make money. This is how you live. This is what smart people do. This is what responsible people dio So I just started. I was just really this satisfied with what I was doing in life, Even though I was doing great at my job. Everybody loved me. I was, like, really rising off the ranks. I was doing everything I was supposed to do. And I like my job. It's not. I hated it, but I just didn't feel satisfied. So then I started trying to find meaning in life by just signing up for activities. Okay, I'm going to learn French. I'm going to take I always wanted to play the violin, and I don't know why my parents never sent me the violin classes. I'm gonna start playing violin, right? So just tryingto find myself. What are these things that I want to dio, Um, in that process, I'm like, Well, I always said that I wanted to get my MBA right now, So I'm gonna go and get my M b A Before I'm 30. Before the Children arrived. Before life gets complicated, Just gonna go on, do it. So I went in that it and still I'm staying in the same job. Still, nothing is changing in one of those. I just had my first kid. This was eight years ago. And, um, a friend of mine, This is what started everything. Look at health thing start. A friend of mine who was my roommate in college. She sends me a message. I hadn't talked to her in years. Like we basically just said Happy birthday to each other. Graduate and that's it. What does that affects? Hey, Barry, love you. That's it. She sends me a message and she says, Hate. My friend has the business and she's having trouble with her website. And I know that. You know that Becky stuff. Can you help her way? Way? Sure. I was on maternity leave. I wasn't doing much. Yeah, not to downplay with maternity leave, it's actually like it's not really a vacation. You know, You got a little one day, right? But I wasn't doing work. So in my mind, in my mind, I had all this time all this free time. You don't know my time was being taken over by Children. I had time. So I'm like, sure while the baby sleeps, I'll delve into this, you know, html and sets her sight. So when I had him fixed it, I didn't even track my any time. I just told her Yes, sure. Okay. Here It's not the mean. If you need anything else. And her name was Nicole and she came back and she said, OK, thank you so much. You really got me out of for buying that. Let me pay you. I hadn't even tracked my time on how long it took me. So I'm like, No, this was just a favor to my ex roommate. It's fine. We're OK. She's like, No, no, no. I have a business and I'm going to pay you for the service that you just provided me. So how much do you want me to pay you? And I insist that I'm like, No, that sounds stupid. That don't three their killers like, No, you don't have to pay me this. So story find told me a favor and I'm here thinking I'm being so nice, right? You being a Monday mindset Coach, you understand what's happened? You have said like it's No, it's OK. She's like, No, no, no house. $100. She had to come up with my right for me. Can I give you $100? I my Okay. Finally make you feel better. You can give me $100. So I took those $100 I'm like, you know, like people would pay for this. How about in this process of like, finding myself? What if I just started? I like playing with us and see what happens. So that's when I went and down to my local diner and I noticed that they didn't have a website and I love them because they had fresh squeezed orange shoes and I went over there when I told him, Hey, I talked to the owner. I would love to make your website for free if you will let me just, you know, Al, maintain it for a couple years, and then after that you can do whatever you want with it. But let me just do it for you. And they said OK, so I started, you know, playing with WordPress and really learning about it and just coating my side. I posted it online, and then I started to get referrals for business, and I'm like, Oh, that's no wow. That's when I got to set my rate. That's when I started to really get the taste for what it was like to have my own business, even though, and you're familiar with this I didn't want to make it a big deal. I didn't want to charge a lot of money for it. I was like, No, no, no, This is just a hobby. It doesn't matter. I It's just taking up my time because I want to stay sharp. I don't really want to grow it. A super very, very small mindset, right? Very, very small money mindset. But that's really what started it all off me. Getting a taste for I could make money, doing other things in my confidence at works just skyrocketed because now I created my business. I had CEO next to my name and whenever I would go to a job interview you, this is all they wanted to talk about is that you have your own business. I'm like, Yes, I do have, like, seven clients support right now and you know, So I became really, really confident in what I did. And then I became aware off Amy Border field and online Morning. Like what? How do you bring this business online? And I was making websites on my business was not really quote unquote all online. I wasn't that wing in my marketing things so I became aware of that, like, four years later, four years after starting by this. Wow. Come. And then I started really compensating. Okay. What is it like to grow an audience? What does that look like? What, in a dictum obsessed with the topic, I was consuming every possible podcast and everything I could get my hands on. And it ended up loving every second of it. And then when I have my second son, I promise you on winding down. Now we're getting But that's okay. You're God. When I had my second son, that was six years after I had started my business. Six years after I had my first son. I have just gotten a really big promotion at work. Like I was eight months pregnant and they gave me a promotion, and I said, Okay, great. That sounds marvelous. Let me hire a contractor to take over while I'm on maternity leave because I was gonna be out for four months. I'll be back in January and, you know, well, get started will build this apartment like I was on a roll. I think that we're going very, very well. I get a call during maternity leave from my new boss because they injected ah, boss between me and the CTO now about her and keep technology officer. And she said, Well, the contractor that you hired, he's doing a great job. So we're gonna gonna let him keep that job, and you can come back and do your old job, so we're not gonna pull that way anymore. And that's when I was like, Yeah, no, no, no. So I wanted to understand that I wouldn't have made this decision to just quit my job and do my own thing eight years ago because I wasn't mentally prepared. I had no idea about money mindset. I had no idea about entrepreneurial mindset. I didn't know what to do to grow it. I didn't know that where all of these people, they're making money they wanted. I had no idea that existed. So once I become fully aware and fully awake, then what I did was I calculated by numbers. How much money do I need to make permanent? And how long do I have on my savings before I have to go back to war? So I just have to make this work during that time, so I calculated my numbers. And while I was taking care of a newborn baby, that's when I really started my business. And that was two years ago. Lefts Week. I celebrate three. Congratulations. Thank you. As you can see, I didn't have to go back to work. Yes, I'm off. I loved is that this holy story and it's so similar, you know, it's the Latin name. Is the Latin off corporate's right? Because we had bean growing in a society that professions that corporate is the being that give you security on. You have been dealing with that for 22 years in your life. No, it's not that Tomorrow you will have. So you know what? Fuck it. I'm gonna leave it. It's not Yeah, it's not really like that. It's really since your kid, but then realize that while you have have to say to the wall metres on, pay off, it's Ah, whole process off in your case took you like 18 years. Let's say the whole process on my case, I had the opportunity to finish my degree on Europe on Dio because off my story, the way I grew up like this Like Like I say, the second chance of the life gave me to be here because doctors didn't really, really give me another option. I say either Either way, if I'm poor or not, I'm gonna trouble because that's why I like todo like I don't have that much time on on the way. I figure out I can do whatever I want. Yeah, and it's just it's a mirror of passion. So I really love your story because it is like flashback off my e u. When I realized that there was a possibility that I would retire out off my job in Corporate, that I would be 65 years old and I never made a move, I never tried to do anything else. I am 65. I've been looking forward to retirement all my life like that. That thought just killed me and because I wanted to know that these decisions are not easy. And anybody who's listening to this is like, well, that all sounds fine and good because her husband had enough money to maintain her during that time like that makes the decision easier. Nothing makes this decision easy. Nothing at all. So just thinking about the fact that I would get the retirement and not do it it was just just unbearable to me. During the 1st 8 years that I was in corporate, I always had a really good reason to stay. Okay, something that made it impossible for me to leave. And I'm gonna tell you what they are because you're going to see that these are not easy. This issues. So when I first started Ah, because I'm from Venezuela because I'm not from this country. I needed Avista. So I got sponsored for a visa in 2003. I'm gonna tell you something I got I accepted the only job that would have me because this was just two years after 9 11 and getting international visas for work.

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It was very, very hard to deal like the Immigration Department had really believed that I'd hold on. Wait a minute. Maybe we should be rethinking this whole immigration thing. So I basically came in through the cracks. I was the last class. The last graduating class, a General Electric granted working visa stood international still. So I

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got that job and it was just pure luck. And now I'm like, Okay, now I am. I'm on this visa that renews after three years. And then after 33 more years, the company gets to decide whether to sponsor me for a green card or not. So I have to stick this out for six years. So during those six years, that's when I got my MBA, right? And I'm okay. I'm gonna stay with them, and I'm gonna get my idea because they pay for it. And I'm like, doing all of these things just cast telling myself I just can't leave. I can't believe I can't leave. Then I got married before it got to the point of the company with the side with a responsible for a green card or not, I got married. And that's how I got my green card. So but now I'm in the middle of my MBA program, which the companies paying for another good Raisa. Right. So now I can't leave because I have two more years to go in my MBA. A. So I'm like, OK, so I'll stick it out for another two years. I graduated from the an MBA program August off 2010 I quit my job in October. Like two months later, I was gone. But I didn't start my own business. I went to another job, right? Because stability and because being responsible and because making money and like nothing makes these decisions easy now at all. When? When you say a stability what what can you remember? Gay field, That stability The fact that I'm getting a paycheck every all every two weeks. That means you can't They can't match that, right? The only problem. And I remember riding this in my general I must have been 25 or 26. I remember writing this in my journal. You guys, if I just stopped coming toe work, right? Like if tomorrow I just didn't show up How long would it take them to realize that I was gone? So I should, like, populated out the scenario. And I'm like, OK, if I'm gone like one day because I was working remotely, I was in a in A in a satellite office because my boss worked in Wisconsin. Okay, so I'm like, if I just disappeared Well, the first day, they would just realize that I'm not gonna dealings. Ornette because we had a little chap messenger thinking OK, and maybe they might send me an email like, Hey, what's up? We didn't see you yesterday, and then the next day something else would happen under the weekend comes And then the following week I started playing out that scenario, and I'm like, You know, what's really frustrating? That the stock price of the company would stay exactly the city absolutely at my projects that my projects would just get booed on hold or reassigned to somebody else. I was completely disposable. There was nothing in there saying that I'm earning that page check that is happening every two weeks. I could have a great day or I could have a crappy day. My my paycheck is going to stay exactly the same. And that was also really frustrating. So that kind of stability, it keeps you stagnant. It keeps you in exactly the same place because you don't want to rock that boat, and then you get the retirement and realize what a doofus I waas I should have done something else. Yes, so what? When where your techniques or the key points that you used to get that idea Because it is really an idiot off a stability out off your head. Besides that, they this balls that you had in the new job tell you we were going to hire the other consultant. So what was the idea? How you'd shift that thoughts off a stability to say. You know what? I can do this. If I go My my own thing, I can be a stable too. You know what really did it was watching other people do it. Oh, yes. You know what I mean? In the beginning, back when I was 22 telling my mother that I wanted to quit back when I had my first son and I started the business, but I wanted to play it small, like back then. I didn't have any role models. I literally didn't didn't Millo or hadn't heard of anybody who had ever done this before. So there was no nothing for me to mimic. Nothing for me to go and try to go for For me, it was like, No, I'm gonna keep my job because I need to keep it because this is the only way to realistically make money, right? And I'm just gonna these things on the side. And hopefully one day they will go viral and they will make me a whole Tana Ma honey, without me having to really worry about it too much, if that's that was the mentality back then. So once I started to see and study what this new people that I was running into a toy, the new entrepreneurs, I started to study what they were like 10 years ago. If you've ever heard of Marie for Leo, she's defending full, Um, and she's basically the top off our industry right off of the coaching industry. It's very far. Leo. I went back to her first YouTube videos back in 2007 and I started watching them from the 1st 1 out and really started studying what it did that she did. How was she managing herself? There is somebody else. Another entrepreneur that I found super inspiring. Her name is Catherine sinking A. She's a Monday. Ah, yes. Manifestation. Yeah. I went back to her Facebook group back in 2016 right? I mean, this was back in in 2018. I went back to the 2016 posts up to see what her first Facebook lives look like. But her first offers to look like what challenges she was offering. What So I started to see there was a pattern here off people just starting by doing and by putting out offers. And then there was no other way to go but up. Because if you think about it, if I start with five people in my Facebook group, if I got five people, I can get five more, right. If I start to do Facebook ads, I'm going to reach more people. If I start to appear in podcasts, more people are going to hear about me. So there is no way to reduce the size of your audience. There's Onley ways with time to increase it. So I started to see that there was an actual guarantee instead off it, looking like this is a completely risky business, that Onley works for a few people. I started to see if there's a pattern here and anybody can do this with this formula and I'm a smart as any of them, so if they can hurt them, so can I. Yeah, and I can see here, the chief that you did when you saw somebody else doing it on. I love Catherine sinking. I listen every single, every sort of her podcast. Catherine, if you ever listen, this parkas coming on my show because I will love to have you here, but it kind off unit role models, it kind off. Um, it's something that I talk on the phone episodes before on the first session off these podcasts where you as an entrepreneur, you need to follow people that have already walked the path. Now work. Think that I want to ask you because oh, my case, I didn't I don't do it. I didn't do it in the past. I don't do it now, but do you get to the point to compare yourself with these role models or not? That's a great question, because I don't think that you can avoid it right, that you see somebody who's doing really really well. And you're like, Oh, but here's the thing, though, because I made it a point. And this is something I tell to my audience all the time. Like do it this way. Not that way. Don't compare yourself to how they are now because there's always going to be people who are ahead of you in the clinic, all of the success staircase, right, that there's no way to go but up. There's always going to be people ahead of you. Um, so what I do. But I did. And what I tell people to do is to go back and study them the way they were five years ago, when they first started their business and compared yourself. Still that version off them, right? So do I compare myself to them sometimes, Especially because I happen to be older than a lot of them, right? I I look very young, you know, Not. I am certainly not like I am going to be hitting 40 in a little bit of strong and after a lot of the people that I follow our whole 10 years younger than me. So it's so in that sense, it kind of hits my ego than, like, what have I been going for the past 20 years? But you know, fried if they manage to make it while they were 25 why didn't I do this when I was done? If I now I understand logically the Internet wasn't the same place. The same opportunities were not of a little back when I was 25 but in that sense that that's where it hits me. In the age part is like Ah, like that I won't waste my time But there is no better time than the present right now is the time to do it. But comparing myself in terms of success, I really try Teoh really tell myself there is just no comparison. I am starting out in my journey and when they were starting out because I've studied them. They were making. They made $10,000 or first year. They made $30,000 their first year, right? So their second here, they started to blow up. And I'm like, Great, I'm on my 30 year now I'm doing all the right things and this is what I'm expecting. So it's just pushing me for forward. That's awesome. I really love that kiss event that something, and I talk about these on my podcast. That comparison It's really hurtful for your money mindset. When you go to the compressor mode, you get like Oh my God, but they're making six figures because now the six figure think that is over social media. It's like a boom. So you start comparing yourself on instead, off instead off pushing like pushing you motivate you. It just goes down on. It's just facing the fear off the money. It's not easy. And when you compare it to somebody else is like, Why are you joined? Exactly? Yeah, I really I really wanted to ask you that, but a swell What are some off the fears that you feel that you have overcome when it comes to money? Oh my God. Like money. The mind said, Well, it's just not a thing that I that I that I was aware off that that I knew. I just thought like everybody else. I mean, ah, you would use language that waas counterproductive that was destructive to my mindset. Like, Oh, I just want to do this. It's a hobby. Oh, I don't need a $1,000,000 0 I don't want to make a $1,000,000 like doing that like making a $1,000,000. It would be way too much. Nobody needs that kind of money, so I don't need it either. Someone to keep my prices really small, like I didn't know that I was keeping my prices small because I was having a mindset issue. I thought it wasa completely rational thought. Oh, I just want to keep my prices small so that I can get clients because if my prices are higher than that, maybe they won't common work with me, right? With experience. I have realized that all of those thoughts at the time they felt quote unquote my the worst, the word in the world they felt realistic, right, that it is realistic to believe that I'm going to just going to continue making $200 a month. That's realistic for me, right? So it really came with experience and with learning from people like Manifestation, baby, from people who talk about mindset that know that this is a thing that starts with your mind, that there isn't this absolute truth out there for how much money you're supposed to be making and that you're gonna using it as a beacon. And there is no such thing that doesn't exist. There's nobody out there telling you this is how much money, what the cap. I realize that that really you just have to kind of like like like like but is it like like like it's like a popping a lit? I always imagine it like a lid in your brain that, like, opens things up to possibility that know that you are putting your own limitations on you. This is something that I had to learn. This was a learned behavior, learning how to use the correct language knowing toe, identify when author people were used in destructive language to talk to me and to understand that there speaking from their own fears rather than well right rather than the reality that I'm going through. This is something that I'm gonna tell you. My mother and I have fights about this all the time because she doesn't really know how toe ask me questions other than starting with the word why, right, So But why would you do it that way? Why would anybody sign up for that? Why would anybody pay that much for that? Right And all the stuff does. It's just like bring me down, right? It Z like it starts to show up. That realistic word starts to show up again, and I need to wash it. I need to tell her you're not allowed to ask me questions to start with the word Why anymore? Because you just don't know how to ask those questions. And she's defensive. So she support. I'm just trying to help. I'm just trying to understand. I'm like, No, you can't use that language around me. I've had friends ask me. Well, but what if this didn't work out? Like, what is your plan B? Because it's smart to have a Plan B. And I tell them I'm not going to answer that question. Yeah, but don't you think it's more realistic for you? Like I can't talk in those terms? You don't understand it for this toe work. I can't talk to you about a Plan B. I can't even think about one. Right. Because if if Plan B looks great, if my plan B is getting a really nice job in corporate where I feel like I'm going to be satisfied and challenge and make a lot of money, why on earth would I ever put myself through entrepreneurship? Why would I do that? Don't do it if you have a great job that you love your life seems to be pretty now year. The only reason to do this is because you can't see yourself being happy with your life. If you don't try, this is the only way to go. Otherwise, everything else. If everything else looks fine, then why put yourself through the trouble? So, yes, I ended up going down a complete, different, different intentions. But this whole money mindset concept, it has affected the way that I interact with my friends and family. It has changed the way that I talked to my husband about my work because he's not all into the minds up stuff. He's not aware. Ah, OK, so I have to kind of like teach him how to talk to me. I have had to figure out how to talk to him in a way that it's not gonna elicit the response that is going to make me feel that at, like, insect like that. Protecting your mind is just the most important thing. Yeah, that that's really, really a point that I want to emphasize protecting your mind because you the person that is listening this parkas just needs to know that you are the only one who can protect or allowed somebody else to go into your mindset is your responsibility to take care of yourself and is your responsibility with all the polite lands in the wall with all the love. Tell somebody else it's no what its know where you are right now. And I I completely feel you with the mama stuff because my my mom is more I think my mind it My mom is more like, Okay, if you have decided to do it, I will support you by my dad is why you living that while, you know, corporate ruler And I understand they don't know better than that, right? But when I got these conversations with him, he gets really excited because I say that I cut it and you don't worry, I'm gonna do it. I just got it. But it's learn how to talk in a way that I don't go through all the whole conversation off. I need to explain myself on when I explain myself, they will ask more questions on. Then it would get back to me in a way that I don't want exactly. And you know what? I have to

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get a really nice shadow to my father because I would have thought that he would have been the first person to ask me Wait. But logically, did you think this through? Oneness. Your projection for this year? What are you going to do if this happens? But it's your contingency. This other thing happens. And

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never has he done that. He actually seems to really excited about the things that I'm doing. For a while, he was on my Facebook group, and if he saw me go live, he what? He was at work. He would see that I went like he would turn on Facebook and keep working a kidney on mute just so I would have like an audience member. Oh, then he would go off to a meeting and leave it all on, so everything I would feel like supported. So he's just and he still has been the first person to tell me these things take time. Just keep going at it and just just keep going on about whether this come from right. Like, this is the last person

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that I thought would have been so incredibly supportive without criticism, just like super excited about what I'm doing? It's incredible. I

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still don't talk to him a lot about it because I know that we have very, very different mindset. But he has been extremely supportive. Yeah, yeah, I just I love that I just getting help. But remember how I started these with my first buying on my dad? Say you need to do these, that that on my monitor Because they're both accountants. They're both have their own company, but it's still work for corporate, like the kinds of copper in the old corporate rules. You need to do it like these. That's the way what I say I'm gonna do. In my way, they were like, Ah, good enough need to do it the way I'm saying now. So I understand that that's the love, their passing through that they want 1/2 you better. But it's still that you need to protect yourself because first of all, you are Adolf, the mama on that live on. Now you're living your on life, and that's difficult on. Then you're having your own baseness on. Then you're going against what they believe is good for you. You are creating your own belief system, so it's like it is difficult, but at the same time on this is like a really tape that I give you hope, The one who is listening. Just take whatever is beneficial for yourself on the wrist. Just forget about it. They do everything that is possible for you to be good. But just believe on why you feel now is serving you No somebody else. I My God, I just love every single time.

spk_1:   36:40
I don't know. I totally hear you. And I'm gonna tell you, I just have a maybe, like, an hour ago, somebody in my community polls did, um, you know, my big wide. The reason why I want to quit my job and do my own thing is because I want to have in financial independence so I can spend time with my family. And I'm like, That is a great why. That's a great reason. A great beacon off light to keep in front of you. And it forced me to really think about my wife and I responded. You know what my big why is is getting to my old age without regrets and because I have seen myself really thrive on your own bed lines on being really creative with creating videos with. I've been really spontaneous and going live in my group with getting out really, really good content on doing really good classes. I see myself doing that. You know what? I don't know what this is gonna go, but I know that I'm doing everything that I wish I were doing. If I were in my job right now, I would wish that my job waas being here talking to you, right? Like the basis this is what I wish my job waas. So the fact that I'm here doing it, I'm gonna reach retirement age. And it doesn't matter what would have happened with all of this? It doesn't matter because I was able to live in a way that I felt really like felt with integrity, with what I really, really wanted to make my life be. And that, like, this is the only way for me to live. I

spk_0:   38:16
love it. I thank you so much for sharing this. I love it. I really, really can feel. This is the thing that you're meant to be doing on its It's everything. What you do I You know I will love to continue this conversation, but our foot case is going to be end and I want to us you three questions that has all my guest. First of all, what is one thing that if you got the power to go back and change about your perception, where money you will change?

spk_1:   38:51
I wish when I was 22 1 thing to quit that somehow I had gotten a divine intervention that would tell me that it is possible for me to make a $1,000,000. It seemed so far off back then. But I wish that maybe I had gotten I had gotten to meet someone who showed me that it was possible for people like me to do that right. I wish my mind had been opened way back then because I'm telling you that thought they didn't even occur to me until 2018. And to me, that waas that I was, ah, wasted little piece off information that I feel I could have been a great seed to do something completely different in my 20. So if I have to go back and inject the seed, that's what I would have inserted inserted that it is possible for you to make more money than you're making a your job.

spk_0:   39:48
Oh, my God. I love it. I love it. Okay, the second line. Days. Ah ho is pyre you like today who inspire you to get in touch with your money mindset?

spk_1:   40:02
It has to be Katherine's angina.

spk_0:   40:04
I do it. I have to say, like, I really thank my first coach. I didn't even know what

spk_1:   40:12
the coaching into the street waas. And that was one of the first things that I did. When I quit my job, I got myself a business coach and she noticed because of the language that I was. So you're saying because of the mutations I was putting on myself, she noticed I had a mind to money minds that issue. But she wasn't the money mindset, coach. So she said you need to listen to this person. So she that's what she gave me. The tip goes into the manifestation, babe. And the 1st 20 some episodes are her. Her money, minds a challenge. So I What? I'm gonna be completely honest with you because at

spk_0:   40:46
the time and to this day

spk_1:   40:47
I'm a very pragmatic, logical, rational person like it back then, and even now, it's hard for me to get into a woo stuff, right? Like I don't I don't easily believe in spirituals things. So back then I wasn't listening to try to change my mind about money. Nine. Set. I was listening because I knew that this woman, Katherine sinking a had made a $1,000,000 within the 1st 18 months of her business, and I wanted to study how she did it. So in the process of studying her, the lessons started to really seep into my brain, and I studied to actually listen to the money mindset teachings, and that's when I really got started for inspiration. Katherine's been going all the way

spk_0:   41:32
I love it on The last one is they have a favorite book that can recommend toe anybody that wants the lunch, the entrepreneurs, your career.

spk_1:   41:42
This is going to sound completely unconventional, but it waas really my gateway into believing that I could do things all right, and it's very niche and and I'm not sure that is going to work for everybody, But I'm just gonna tell you the bulk of that. I listened to maybe like four times because I love it so much and it was an audiobook. The book is called the successful novelist by Dan Moral and is

spk_0:   42:14
it is

spk_1:   42:15
about book writing, right? It's It's about writing novels, but the way that I have to give props to the person was reading the audio book right because they really make it made it sound like the person stalking rather than reading the fabulous job with that. But it explains that then moral is the person who wrote First Blood, which is the book that Rambo was based on. Okay, so he explains what his writing process is and what he knows about the publishing in the streak. So I have to say that even before I got into online marketing, even before all the stuff, I always thought that I would write a book and he really through that book, talk me what this industry could be like off book writing off, getting published you like, But it really set ups. That's that I still remember to this day that still affect everything. I dio ah, lot of things entering from that book, so it's not a conventional but business book. It's not gonna teach about online marketing, but it teaches you about owning your crast, about owning the work in the creative process that you do you and not leaving it up to other people. And the book. It's about getting published with big publishing house, just not about self publishing, but still, he tells you, Listen, even when you go with the big publishing houses, you take responsibility for marketing yourself for putting yourself out there for buying copies of your own book and selling them on your website. Can you still have through the work? So I really learned a lot about marketing yourself from that book that was supposed to just teach about how to write a novel. I can't recommend it enough. I love it, especially if people who are listening you feel like you have a book in you that is going to serve both purposes for you to learn a little bit more about writing and for you to really understand what it's like to put out a creative work and to own it and to become the person that promotes that kind of work, not just do something and forget about it and move on to your next project is to be that celebrity, to turn yourself into the big shot, that world, that thing or that created that. So I feel like I learned a lot from that book. Really unconventional choice. But I think that people would really enjoy

spk_0:   44:24
it. If you enjoy these Butkus and want to make my day, take a screenshot at Tag Me at Alejandra, underscored Coach on Instagram, head over iTunes and leave a five stars review and sent and screen featured. When you have done it to help me at Ali 100. Are that come so I can send more gratitude? You way. Don't forget. Help me at AL 100 are that come? And if happens that you forget, go to the show notes and everything will be day.