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HD + Debt-Free Series. - Lets talk about Human Design and Money

July 12, 2021 Alejandra Rojas Season 4 Episode 1
The Happy & Wealthy Podcast
HD + Debt-Free Series. - Lets talk about Human Design and Money
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Beautiful, the coolest thing about you start understanding your personal finances as a personal thing is that the more you discover yourself, the better you get with your money, and the happier on welfare you can live! 

This season of this podcast is all about diving deeper into knowing that personal part of you that you can leverage to transform your finances. 

Together, Taylor and I, have created these episodes combining Human Desing and Money to bring to you the Human design + Debt free journey series. And here is where we start. 

You can check sites like or to pull out your chart for free and get ready for these episodes. 

Have Human design questions? Reach to Taylor at IG @tayloreatoncoaching
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0:00   Alejandra Rojas Money Coach
You know, what is the coolest thing? When you start understanding your personal finances as a personal thing, that the more you discover yourself, the better you get with your money, and the happier on welfare you can live. And that's why I'm so passionate to give to you. The tools that will allow Gina's are not only just to discover yourself, but discover yourself with money, how are you better serve, doing different strategies, different techniques that really will help you, you, you, you and you, and this season. That's why I'm so excited to bring to you this new tool, the half discovery at the beginning of this year that I heard before, but I never really dive very deep into it. As I'm diving in this time of the year. 

Hello, beautiful you and welcome to the happy a wealthy, bilingual podcast just soy Alejandra Rojas, money, a mindset coach helping you to take control of your finances and live a happier and wealthier life. FYI, this podcast is pokin in Spanish, English and Spanglish. So if you don't understand something, feel free to send me a DM, I will be happy to translate it for you. I ke Vamos. So all this season is going to be about showing you how to discover yourself with human design, and how to discover yourself with money, according to human design, and I need to tell you that after I did my journey, and after I did my work with human design, I can tell you that everything that feels so natural, but yet different inside of me, I found in human design tool that gives me permission to be myself. And at the end of the day, I think that's the most important piece that we are missing when it comes to finances. So I have partnered with human design expert Taylor, and she's amazing. She is just an amazing soul and so good. And what she does welcome Taylor to this series of some couple of episodes, explaining and really introducing human decide to this podcast and to my life really, I came across Human Design by coincidence, I wasn't looking for it. But it was a concept that really explained to me that what I do, and the ways I do things, the way I take decisions are no wrong. And that opened up a whole world to me. And I want it to go down. I'm very deep learning about these because sometimes we when we are in this journey of being an intrapreneur, or when we are in this journey on taking decisions with your money, it's always the fear of should I do this? Or should I do that? Am I doing it right? Or am I doing it wrong? And here it comes Human Design to tell you there is nothing wrong with you, there is nothing that you're doing wrong, or right for that matter is just a different strategy depending on your energy type. So that's why I'm so excited to do this series. And I have Taylor that has partner with me to do this year. She is the human experience the Human Design expert, and yeah, Taylor, welcome. Hi, thank

4:20  Taylor - Human Desing
you so much for having me. I'm so excited to get to be part of this series and get to bring Human Design to this podcast and get to talk about it in the context of money because like you said, I am a human design expert and also a money mindset expert. Before I really started diving into human design. I was diving very deep into my own money mindset for a long time for several years. And just shifting the way I viewed money and the way I looked at money because I had so much debt. I felt like I was always struggling with money. I had a really unhealthy relationship with money and I wanted to shift the way I felt about money because I felt so disempowered around it. And as I went down that journey, after several years of learning about money mindset, and then starting to coach on it, I was then introduced to Human Design, kind of, like you said, where I kind of wasn't looking for it. But it kept showing up for me, I had different coaches, different people, you know, bringing it to my attention. And it was something that I, as I was starting my business that I have now a few years ago, was right when I was discovering Human Design. And so it was kind of something that has grown alongside my business, which has been a big part of my money journey. And the thing I love about human design is that it it just indicates to us all it just, it shows us all how we're all wired very differently. And that means that we all have different unique strengths, we have different gifts that we're meant to share in our lives. And we all have different ways of just kind of moving about the world and different ways of relating to money. And this is just, to me, Human Design is such an empowering tool. And as I learned more about it, and started actually implementing my human design in my business, I went from being you know, like 100k, in debt to having 100k in the bank, I went from making, you know, inconsistent like 2k, maybe months in my business to making 20k to 30k to 50k months in my business. And just seeing so much transformation, just by embracing the way that I feel called to do things and doing things my way and the way that feels most aligned for me, which is what is, you know, aligned with my human design. And by doing that I've just seen such transformation, such growth, not just in my bank account, but also just in the way that I view money, the way I relate to it. And it's just such a more empowering way to move through life, to approach money,

6:44  Alejandra Money coach
we have partnered together to bring to you this season, where you are going to hear according to the energy type according to your strategy, according to those elements, that Human Design brain, how you are better serve, acting, interacting, and letting money flow into your life. But this session, because you know, I'm all about helping you in your journey to be debt free to to be debt free with ease, and fine. This season has an 80% component on helping you discovering your human design, discovering you design, how you are better serve. When getting out of that, it's so amazing, we have so much insight for each of the energy times that came clearly help you in the most beautiful way with this debt free journey. So I'm super excited, I can't wait for you to dive in into these episodes. And just to put it out there, each episode is a different energy type. And the way that you can know your energy type is by going to sighs like my body graph calm, or there is some other ones that I will put down in this show notes. So you can have them there. And the only information that you need is your date of birth. And the time very important because the time depending on the time, your energy type will change. 

So get your date of birth and the time that you were born. And then go to the sides on Ron, your free chart they are for frame and discover what energy type are you? And then I will suggest that if you want you start with your own energy type air, like each week, or every two weeks, depending on what I decided to do, I will drop one episode. 

But But if that week, your energy type doesn't come live in that episode. I think it will be very interesting for you to hear each of the types because often what happens is that we feel that we are one energy type because we have been conditioned by the society by family by like condition in terms of how we should be acting, or how we should be interacting especially with money. And we say oh, I think I'm this energy type. And then when you run through your chart and you see that is something different now you can pick up that you have been conditioned, most likely for people with that energy type that you feel identify and that you have some deconditioning job to do. So I think it is very important for you to listen to each of the episodes. And as well, if you want to take it to the next level, like I did, when I discovered this to get the charts for everybody around here, I got the charts for my parents, for my brother for my partner, because I really want to understand how I better manage money. But I want to also understand how I'm different from everybody that directly affects me. Because there is a power of Human Design. This is a tool that empowers you to know more about yourself, and also gives you the opportunity to know more about the ones around you. And to understand that we are so different. And we are different per design, meaning that you are not going to change that person, and you shouldn't push to change that person just because it does an act feel. Or think the same way. Because per design, we are different. This has been such a mind blowing tool for me. And I want to bring it all to you. And it is a quick disclaimer here. I'm pulling this episodes because I know how powerful this is, and I know how much value it gets. I want to give this series to you for free. And this podcast as if you see on the podcast in general, this is going to be a bonus section. And it's not going to be a part of the podcast, because it's gonna be here in the podcast. For a limited time. I'm going to give you this content until somewhere around September, I think the end of September. I haven't figured the date, exact date date yet. But I'm going out, put it out there for you to listen up for free because I'm super excited. But then because I recognize all of these value. I will take it down and use it as part of of a bundle that I'm creating, which I'm very excited to share with your with the time but for now, enjoy this content that is coming the next weeks. And if you have questions, please do not hesitate to send me a DM or if you have a Human Design question. You can send  directly to Taylor or send it to me, I will send it to her. It's so easy and it's super exciting because once you get into this, I'm telling you you will see your life in such a different way. especially good debt free journey. It's so much fun and with so much as the you one believe in but believe it because it's true