Strategy Simplified

S6E25: Case Presentation Interviews

April 13, 2022 Management Consulted Season 6 Episode 25
Strategy Simplified
S6E25: Case Presentation Interviews
Show Notes

Just got a notice that you'll face a case presentation interview (sometimes known as a written case interview)? You're in luck. In this episode, Stephanie covers everything you need to know about the presentation case interview, including:

  • What it is (0:26)
  • What skills it tests for (2:13)
  • How to succeed (5:38)
  • How to prepare (14:46) 

A myriad of consulting firms employ this interview format (Deloitte, ZS Associates, EY-Parthenon to name a few). If you need help preparing, reach out today. Our team of MBB coaches has years of experience preparing people for these types of interviews.

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