Tech Won't Save Us

Google and Meta Are Fighting with Canada w/ David Moscrop

July 06, 2023 Paris Marx, David Moscrop Episode 175
Tech Won't Save Us
Google and Meta Are Fighting with Canada w/ David Moscrop
Show Notes

Paris Marx is joined by David Moscrop to discuss Canada’s plan to make Google and Meta pay news publishers, and what might happened now that they’re threatening to pull Canadian news from their platforms.
David Moscrop is a freelance writer and the author of Too Dumb for Democracy?: Why We Make Bad Political Decisions and How We Can Make Better Ones. Follow David on Twitter at @David_Moscrop.

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Also mentioned in this episode:

  • David Moscrop wrote about the larger context of the Online News Bill in his Substack newsletter.
  • Paris also wrote about Google and Meta threatening to pull news in Canada and why Canada should take a hard line with them.
  • Sandy Garossino wrote about how much money Google and Meta extract from Canada.
  • Media conglomerates Postmedia and Nordstar are in talks to merge.
  • California is also looking at a similar process to force Google and Meta to pay media in that state.
  • On Wednesday, the Canadian government pulled advertising from Facebook and Instagram, but said Google was still talking to find a way forward. The government said it won’t back down, and two opposition parties — the New Democratic Party and Bloc Quebecois — voiced their support.
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