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Episode 2: Raúl and Hanky Code

April 19, 2020 Sean Donovan, Sexual Minorities Archives
Out of The Archives
Episode 2: Raúl and Hanky Code
Show Notes

"...a lot of these things came from this need of self-preservation...it was sartorial coding, it was language, we came up with our own slang."

Conversation with Raúl Cornier about the history origins and realtime application of hanky code (recorded: July 2019). In this episode, I talk with Raúl about his research involving SMA source materials, material from other archives, pop culture and personal experience involving the "sartorial code" of gay and queer sex and identity.   

A special thank you to fellow SMA/SMEF volunteer and Board Director, Vickie Palmatier for transcribing this conversation--if you'd like to see a copy of this transcript, including photos of a couple artifacts mentioned during this podcast, please follow link here.

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