#28 Habits of a Successful Serial-Entrepreneur (ft. Karsten Deppert)

February 06, 2021 Season 1 Episode 28
#28 Habits of a Successful Serial-Entrepreneur (ft. Karsten Deppert)
Show Notes

We talk to Karsten Deppert - a serial entrepreneur, community-builder, and e-commerce guru who has founded several companies, such as the famous co-working space Mindpark and Sweden's largest e-store for coffee Nybryggt.nu.

In this fascinating, value-packed conversation, we dive into what it takes to become a serial entrepreneur. Karsten shares with us his experience, mindsets, and way of thinking that makes it possible for him to stay motivated, stay productive and succeed.

Best Quotes from Karsten Deppert:
"If you have a thought, and you know that this thought will evoke these feelings in me, and I don't want these feelings, the key is to just let that thought pass."

"My management style is about empowerment and getting other people to take responsibilities."

"What you need to do is you need to trust people. That's the only way..."

"If you simply trust somebody, they will automatically trust you back."

"A mistake some people do is that they first trust somebody once they have proven themselves."

"If you're an entrepreneur you should always talk about your problems."

"The more things you do that make you nervous, the more you will grow."

"You need to understand why do I think this is fun and this is not fun, and it's very often quite confusing."

[01:45] Karsten's Story
[04:11] How to view Opportunities and Ideas
[08:34] How Karsten Manage 13 Companies
[16:08] A Day in the Life of a Serial Entrepreneur
[17:50] Karsten's Advanced Course About How Feelings Work
[29:16] How Karsten Decides What To Do
[32:45] Biggest Responsibilities for Millennials
[34:50] How To Take More Responsibility
[36:06] How To Handle Failure & Setbacks
[39:02] Karsten's View on Idealizing People
[40:22] Karsten's Most Important Mentality & Belief
[42:34] Similarities Between a Good Business and a Good Person
[43:46] Karsten's Ending Advice

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