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Episode 17: Jackey Neyman Jones and the Legacy of Manos: The Hands of Fate
November 03, 2018 EP Culture Beat

One of the worst movies of all time was made in El Paso, TX in 1966 - Manos: The Hands of Fate - it is hard to watch but has become a cult classic. In this episode of THE Underground Source of El Paso, we talk with one of the last surviving cast members, Jackey Neyman Jones. She was a child when the movie was filmed and played the part of Debbie, the daughter of the doomed couple. She has since written a book about her experience filming the epic flop and also produced a sequel called "Manos Returns."

This episode produced by M. De Santiago and G. Armendariz. Hosted by M. De Santiago. Background music during interview by G. Armendariz. Cover art designed by G. Armendariz, photograph by Lesha Jones. Lil Betty we hear you! RATED CHLL.

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