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How to Trust Your Gut to Make the Right Choice with Gwen Austin

August 16, 2021 Lisa Zawrotny Episode 66
Positively Living
How to Trust Your Gut to Make the Right Choice with Gwen Austin
Show Notes

Following your gut can help you identify what is right for you so you can start letting go of self-doubt and find a life that will flow in our favor. That’s why episode 66 of The Positively Living Podcast is about how to trust your gut and make the right choice!
In this episode of The Positively Living Podcast, my guest Gwen Austin shares the importance of following the path that feels authentic to you, no matter how scary it may feel. You’ll receive actionable steps you can take right now to identify that genuine gut feeling and find what feels right for you.

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Gwen and I cover the following topics:

  • How she trusted her guy to create a strong and supportive community of women that lifts one another up and encourages further success. 
  • What it means to trust your gut and why we often don’t. 
  • What it takes to move through obstacles and push past the people who are encouraging you to give up on your instinct. 
  • Letting go of what we believe life “has to” look like in order to live the life that is meant for us. 

As you move forward, working on trusting yourself, don't look too deep into the future. Focus on what you can do today and start taking bite-sized pieces to keep you moving forward.  

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