Kitchen Table Theology

094 Eschatology: The Millennial Kingdom, Part 2

February 13, 2022 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 94
Kitchen Table Theology
094 Eschatology: The Millennial Kingdom, Part 2
Show Notes

“The only proper Christian response to any theology, philosophy, ideology, psychology, or sociology must be, ‘Well, what does the Bible say?’” - Dr. Dustin Benge 

How will the Millenial Kingdom be governed? On this episode of Kitchen Table Theology, Pastor Jeff Cranston and Jen Denton continue their discussion on the Millenial Kingdom. We dive into how Jesus will rule the Millenial kingdom by unifying the Church and State, what will happen to Israel and the Gentiles who choose to submit to God, and what else we can expect in the Millenial Kingdom.  


[00:01]  How Jesus Will Reign 

  • Israel will be exalted above all other nations and Gentiles who follow God will be blessed 
  • Nations will live together in perpetual peace and will enjoy unprecedented prosperity (Zechariah 13) 
  •  The world will have only one ruler; when Jesus comes again, He will inherit all of the nations and peoples of the world 
  • Everyone will enjoy physical blessings (Isaiah 33:24, 65:22, 4:5-6) 


[11:35] What About Animals in the Millenial Kingdoms? 

  • Side tangent of the side tangent: What Jen will be doing with the dogs for Valentine’s day?
  • Animals will be present but docile, no longer threatening to humans, and similar to their state in the garden of Eden (Isaiah 11:6-8) 


[16:01] The Ecclesiastical Aspect of the Millenial Kingdom 

  • More physical aspects of the kingdom 
    • God will give us angels to watch over us
    • Sickness will not exist 
  • There will be a union of church and state through one ruler the Messiah and King
  • A short American history lesson of the separation of Church and State 


[22:04] Closing Up! 

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Key Quotes

“[In the Millenial KIngdom,] the Messiah will be the kingly priest on His throne. So this will be a union of Church and State, the exact opposite of the separation of Church and State that we too often hear about in America.” - Pastor Jeff Cranston 

“When Jesus comes again to earth He will inherit all of the nations and peoples of the world. And those that honor Him and submit to His Kingship are going to be blessed.” - Pastor Jeff Cranston 


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