Kitchen Table Theology

136 Interview with Jordan Magelssen, Part One

January 15, 2023 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 136
Kitchen Table Theology
136 Interview with Jordan Magelssen, Part One
Show Notes

Pastor Jeff Cranston and special guest Jordan Magelssen discuss the importance of true worship. From Jordan's personal story of discovering faith as a 12-year-old, to his journey from high school through college and beyond, he shares how God was at work in his life, calling him to serve His kingdom. Hear about how Jordan felt a strong call to lead people in worship at a summer conference during his junior year of college, and the struggles he faced trying to pursue ministry while also supporting himself financially. This conversation highlights the importance of understanding who God is, rather than allowing tradition or function to take precedence over a relationship with Him - which can lead to empty worship.

[00:01 - 05:12] Exploring the Gravity of God's Passion for Glory: Jordan Magson Shares His Journey to Faith in Christ

  • Welcoming Jordan to the show
  • How Jordan got introduced to worship

[05:13 - 12:10] Following Jesus: The Insistence of True Religion and Conforming to God's Word

  • Jordan’s journey to following Jesus
    • Decided to follow Jesus in the summer before 7th grade
    • Father and sister have birthdays on June 21st
    • Dreamed of becoming an architect
    • Sensed a strong call to kingdom work at a summer conference during junior year of high school
    • Changed major to missions in Bible college
    • Led a worship ministry at a church in Missouri
    • Got a call from LowCountry Community Church
  • Jesus is insistent that any life led as a follower must conform to his word and his word alone

[12:11 - 16:10] Understanding Who God Is: The Key to Driving Our Worship and Pursuit of God

  • Scripture should drive personal and corporate worship
  • Worship is a response to who God is
  • Without the word of God, there is nothing to say or offer
  • Religion, tradition, form, and function should not take precedence over the relationship with God


“It all centers around understanding who God is. Understanding the heart of God, the gift that the word is to us, to reveal that worship is a response to who God is. ” - Jordan Magelssen

“Without the word of God, we have nothing to say. And without the spirit of God, we have nothing to offer. ” - Jordan Magelssen

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