Kitchen Table Theology

137 Interview with Jordan Magelssen, Part Two

January 22, 2023 Pastor Jeff Cranston
Kitchen Table Theology
137 Interview with Jordan Magelssen, Part Two
Show Notes

Pastor Jeff Cranston and Jordan Magelssen return to explore the theological implications of lyrics in contemporary Christian worship songs. Through their conversation, listeners are challenged to examine their own approach to worship and encouraged to ensure that it is rooted firmly in scripture. They discuss how some lyrics are focused on God's desire to save mankind rather than a more individualistic approach and how we must be careful of the balance between man-centered and Christ-centered lyrics. Using one particular lyric as an example, they emphasize how we can see ourselves within the gospel story. They also emphasize the importance of understanding the full context behind each song in order to properly communicate its message. Jordan encourages us to remember that without the word of God, you have nothing to say and without the spirit of God you have nothing to offer. Join Pastor Jeff Cranston and Jordan Magelssen as they discuss what it means for Christian worship to truly be centered on scripture.

[00:01 - 05:37] Examining the Theology of Worship

The importance of having God's word drive all of our theology in regard to music and singing and worship

The responsibility of people to take the character of God and put it into lyrics

The necessity to adhere to solid biblical theology when singing

The danger of getting caught up in the sights and sounds at the expense of singing solid theology

[05:38 - 16:01] Analyzing the Balance of Man-Centered and Christ-Centered Lyrics in Worship Music

  • There is a danger in singing songs about how good God makes us feel, rather than singing worshipfully to bring God's glory
  • We must be careful with the songs we sing, and understand the difference between want and need when it comes to God
  • Context is key when interpreting lyrics and understanding our place in the story of God
  • We should see ourselves in the context of the gospel, understanding that our sin was great but God's love is greater

[16:02 - 17:22] Closing Segment

  • Cultivate a relationship with Christ and cultivate an expectant heart looking to know more about who He is


"Context is king." - Jordan Magelssen

"Without the word of God, you have nothing to say. And without the spirit of God you have nothing to offer." - Jordan Magelssen

“Remembering the starting place is the word of God to drive our desires into the heart of God.” - Jordan Magelssen

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