Kitchen Table Theology

145 Bible Overview: Genesis

March 19, 2023 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 145
Kitchen Table Theology
145 Bible Overview: Genesis
Show Notes

Join Pastor Jeff Cranston and Tiffany Coker as they explore the book of Genesis, discussing God's sovereign will, the theme of blessing, and how it relates to God's grace and love for his people. Learn about the unique family line of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and uncover the impact of sin in the theme of blessing throughout the book. Tune in to strengthen your faith and love for Jesus and others. 


[00:19 - 07:09] Exploration of Genesis and the Covenant with Abraham 

  • Genesis, written by Moses, covers 2000 years of history and is Israel's origin story 
  • God is introduced as the Creator in Genesis 1 and Abraham is chosen by God as the patriarch of a special nation 

[07:10 - 13:50] Tracing the Unique Family Line of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in Genesis 

  • Genesis sets the stage for the rest of the Pentateuch 
  • Genesis traces a unique family line from Adam to Ephraim through Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph 
  • Joseph, Jacob's youngest son, had prophetic dreams of greatness and became second in command over Egypt 
  • The family line sometimes goes to the second-born instead of the firstborn 


[13:51 – 25:10] The Theme of Blessing in Genesis: God's Love and the Impact of Sin: 

  • Genesis 3:15 prophesies Jesus Christ's coming to defeat Satan and heal his heel 
  • God establishes an eternal covenant with Abraham, making him the father of many nations 
  • Jesus Christ brings to fulfillment the promises given to Abraham, according to Peter and Paul 
  • The covenant of circumcision guarantees God's blessings for those who acknowledge him as their king, making blessing the main theme of Genesis 


“If your theology makes you increasingly bitter, ungenerous and critical, then it has filled your head and not your heart.” - Tiffany Coker 


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