Kitchen Table Theology

147 Bible Overview: Exodus

April 02, 2023 Pastor Jeff Cranston
Kitchen Table Theology
147 Bible Overview: Exodus
Show Notes

In this episode of Kitchen Table Theology, Pastor Jeff Cranston and Tiffany Coker explore the book of Exodus, its characters, and theological themes. They confirm Moses as the author, Jesus' attribution of Exodus to Moses, and the book's importance in understanding the Old Testament. The characters discussed include God, Moses, Aaron, and Pharaoh. The theological themes of redemption, covenant, omnipresence, and law are explored with valuable lessons learned.  


[00:01 - 06:59] An Overview of Biblical History and Themes 

  • Overview of the book of Exodus in the Bible, including main characters and theological themes
  • Exodus is a foundational book for understanding the rest of the Old Testament
  • New Testament supports Moses's authorship of Exodus and the Pentateuch

[07:00 - 14:37] Understanding Authorship and Characters in the Book of Exodus

  • Jesus references Exodus and Deuteronomy as books written by Moses
  • John 5:46-47 strongly implies Moses' authorship of the entire Pentateuch
  • Key characters in Exodus include God/Yahweh, Moses, Aaron, and Pharaoh
  • Conservative scholars date the writing of Exodus between 1440 and 1400 BC


[14:38 - 23:54] Exploring the Gospel of Matthew

  • The book of Exodus has themes of redemption and covenant
  • God's omnipresence is seen throughout the book
  • The law is related to the theme of covenant and has many ramifications for God's people
  • Lessons from Exodus include trusting in the Lord, not seeking to return to bad situations, and complying with God's demands while receiving grace and mercy


“When God removes us from a bad situation, we should not seek to go back to that situation.” - Pastor Jeff Cranston


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