Kitchen Table Theology

152 Bible Overview: Leviticus

May 07, 2023 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 152
Kitchen Table Theology
152 Bible Overview: Leviticus
Show Notes

This week Pastor Jeff Cranston and Tiffany Coker are discussing the Old Testament book of Leviticus. They will explain how under the Old Testament law, people were kept from God due to their sinfulness and uncleanliness. Yet, through different sacrifices, rituals, and cleansings found in Leviticus, God was not giving up on his people as he worked to draw them near. We will learn more about the symbolism behind blood throughout Leviticus, which serves as a reminder of our own sinfulness before God yet also speaks of Jesus. 
We are discussing the Old Testament book of Leviticus, It is often seen as a difficult book to understand, but with our conversation today, we hope to provide a better understanding of its importance and how it points to Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice.

[00:04 - 06:42] The Fascinating Story of the Bradley Brothers' Stash

 • A marble bust of a dower-looking man was found in 2018 at a Goodwill store in Austin, Texas, and was later identified as a 2000 year old Roman bust. 

 • Before World War II, two brothers stashed 30 wads of five and one pound notes totaling 130,000 pounds (over 2 million US dollars today) in their high

[06:42 - 13:45] Uncovering the Deeper Truths of Leviticus

• The book of Leviticus was written by Moses between 1446 and 1406 BC

• Leviticus contains instructions and laws to help the Israelites worship and live as God's holy people

• Chapters 1-6 deal with sacrifices, 7-10 with priests, 11-15 with laws, and 16 with the Day of Atonement 

• Genesis shows us humanity ruined,

[13:45 - 20:45] Discovering Christ in Leviticus

• Priest foreshadowing Christ can be found in Leviticus

• Law shows us how much we need Jesus

• Major theological themes include holiness, feasts, Passover, Pentecost and Jesus

• Sinfulness, fallen condition, and blood are also major themes

• God's holiness and mercy are highlighted throughout the book 

• Sin separates us from God, and our physical bodies make us unclean and unacceptable to God

[20:45 - 25:41] Exploring Leviticus

• Under the Old Testament law, humans were separated from God due to their sinfulness and uncleanliness. 

• God provided a way for them to be reconciled to Him through sacrificial offerings. 

• Blood is a major theme in Leviticus, reminding us of our own sinfulness before God and the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 

• Justification and sanctification are discussed in Episodes 54 and 55 of Kitchen Table Theology. 

• The real power of theology is not only knowing it but applying it.

Key Quotes: 

 "Doctrine is rightly received when it takes possession of the entire soul and finds a dwelling place in shelter in the most intimate affections of the heart." - Pastor Jeff Cranston

 "Genesis shows us humanity ruined, Exodus shows us humanity redeemed, and Leviticus shows us humanity worshiping."

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