Kitchen Table Theology

015 God's Self-Existence

July 05, 2020 Pastor Jeff Cranston Season 1 Episode 15
Kitchen Table Theology
015 God's Self-Existence
Show Notes

Podcast: Kitchen Table Theology

Podcast Series: God’s Amazing Attributes

Episode Number: 015

Episode Name: Self-Existence

Episode Length: 21:47

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Host: Jeff Cranston

Co Host: Jen Denton


Episode Summary

We begin a new series on the Person of God and His Amazing Attributes by look at the Self-Existence of God. Did God have a beginning? Everything we know has a beginning.  We celebrate birthdays to mark our beginnings on earth; buildings are marked with a date that construction began; even the universe has beginning. Why does the self-existence of God matter? 

Topics We Discussed in this Episode

●     [8:40]            By God being self-existent, we refer to that unique attribute of God by which He has existed eternally and will always exist eternally.  He has no beginning; He has no end. No one or no thing created Him.           

●     [11:09]          All events have causes. All creatures have been created. Except for God. God is the uncaused cause and the uncreated Creator. God did not depend upon anything outside Himself for His existence, nor will He ever depend upon anyone for it. 

●     [13:14]          God doesn’t defend His existence; He declares His existence. 

●     [16:37]          God’s self-existence makes Him the sole determiner of absolute truth – truth we can depend upon. God is someone we can completely trust. 

Bible Verses We Mentioned in the Show

●     Exodus 3:14

●     Psalm 90:2

●     Colossians 1:15-17

●     Genesis 1:1

●     Isaiah 45:23

●     Hebrews 6:13-20 

●     Zephaniah 3:17-18

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