Kitchen Table Theology

019 God is Omnipotent

August 02, 2020 Pastor Jeff Cranston Season 1 Episode 19
Kitchen Table Theology
019 God is Omnipotent
Show Notes

Podcast: Kitchen Table Theology

Podcast Series: God’s Amazing Attributes

Episode Number: 019

Episode Name: God is Omnipotent

Episode Length: 20:11

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Host: Jeff Cranston

Co Host: Jen Denton


Episode Summary

We are continuing our study of the doctrine of the Person of God. Can God do anything? The word omnipotent means all-powerful.  What exactly do we mean when we say that God is “all-powerful”? Does this actually mean that God can do anything and everything?

Topics We Discussed in this Episode

●      [4:56]      Let’s begin by defining what the word “omnipotent” means as applied to the Person of God. Omnipotence simply means God has all power. 

●      [6:51]      God can do all things that do not conflict with His holy nature, go against His established laws of nature (miracles being the exceptions) and things contrary to logic.

●     [10:24]     Even the Hebrew name for God, El Shaddai, speaks of His power. His name refers to His awesome strength and might. 

●     [12:07]     How is God’s omnipotence important to my life? Are things or people in your life constantly changing? God’s omnipotence means that we can find comfort in knowing that the God who enters into a personal relationship with us through his Son, Jesus Christ, never changes and can be relied upon to do what’s best for our lives. 

Resources We Mentioned in the Show

●      Jeff referred to an article entitled “Historic Grab in Space” by Marcia Dunn, written in the San Francisco Chronicle, in the show today.

Bible Verses We Mentioned in the Show

●     Psalm 115:3 (Geneva Bible)

●     Job 9:19

●     Revelation 19:6

●     Daniel 4:35

●     2 Corinthians 12:9b

●     2 Timothy 1:12

●     Jude 24

●     Ephesians 3:20

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