Kitchen Table Theology

024 God is Gracious

September 06, 2020 Pastor Jeff Cranston Season 1 Episode 24
Kitchen Table Theology
024 God is Gracious
Show Notes

Podcast: Kitchen Table Theology

Podcast Series: God’s Amazing Attributes

Episode Number: 024

Episode Name: God is Gracious

Episode Length: 20:43

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Host: Jeff Cranston

Co Host: Jen Denton


Episode Summary

In this episode we will continue to dive into the doctrine of the Person of God and today we learn about the grace of God. So many hymns and songs have been written about grace. Grace saves us and sanctifies us. It is one of God’s most beautiful gifts to us. 

Topics We Discussed in this Episode

●     [3:10]  We can define grace as God’s goodness shown to those who do not deserve it.      

●     [6:40]  Grace is God’s unlimited, all-inclusive, transforming love toward sinful men and women; and the good news of this grace, as revealed in Jesus Christ, is the power of God unto salvation.

●     [10:04]  Grace changes everything. Grace saves and sanctifies.   

●     [11:29]  God’s grace is manifested in justification.

●     [12:15]  The grace of God is manifested in regeneration, that is, He has imparted spiritual life to us. 

●     [13:23]  God’s grace is manifested in the entire living of the Christian life.

●     [15:18]  God’s grace is manifested in the sanctification of believers.

Resources We Mentioned in the Show

●   Jeff referred to the hymn, “Wonderful Grace of Jesus” in the show today.

●   Jeff referred to “The Cost of Discipleship”, written by German theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, in the show today.

Bible Verses We Mentioned in the Show

●   Romans 1:16  

●   Romans 3:23-24 

●   Ephesians 2:8-9  

●   Acts 14:26

●   Galatians 6:18

●   Titus 2:11-12

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