Kitchen Table Theology

025 God is Faithful

September 13, 2020 Season 1 Episode 25
Kitchen Table Theology
025 God is Faithful
Show Notes

Podcast: Kitchen Table Theology

Podcast Series: God’s Amazing Attributes

Episode Number: 025

Episode Name: God is Faithful 

Episode Length: 23:26

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Host: Jeff Cranston

Co Host: Jen Denton


Episode Summary

Faithfulness is an attribute of God’s perfect character and the topic of this podcast. God can be relied upon, and He will never prove unfaithful to those who trust what He has said. God’s faithfulness is His trustworthiness to act or perform in accordance with His Word, promises, or sayings. God is faithful to fulfill His promises.

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Topics We Discussed in this Episode

●     [9:44]    God’s faithfulness means that God will always do what He has said and fulfill what He has promised

●     [11:52]    There are many examples of God’s faithfulness noted in Scripture. Since He is a faithful God, that means He has to be true to His promises.      

●     [19:42]    Because He is faithful, He is faithful to fulfill His promises.

●     [00:00]    God will hear us when we pray, and He will save us when we trust in His Son, Jesus Christ. He keeps His promises and saves us from eternal death. We have eternal life in Christ because God is faithful.  

Resources We Mentioned in the Show

·       Jen referred to an account in Scribner’s magazine in 1871 of Nathaniel P. Langford traveling by “Old Faithful” in the show today.

Bible Verses We Mentioned in the Show

●     Hebrews 10:23

●     1 Corinthians 10:13

●     Psalm 143:1

●     1 John 1:9

●     Psalm 119:75

●     Jeremiah 1:5-9a

●     Joshua 1:9

●     Hebrews 13:5

●     Romans 10:13

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