Kitchen Table Theology

044 What The Holy Spirit Does For Us (Part 2)

February 07, 2021 Pastor Jeff Cranston Season 2 Episode 44
Kitchen Table Theology
044 What The Holy Spirit Does For Us (Part 2)
Show Notes

In this episode, Pastor Jeff Cranston and Jen Denton are continuing to talk about The Holy Spirit. Our discussion today is sponsored by Pastor Jeff’s book entitled "Happily Ever After". It is a book that Pastor Jeff wrote to help you to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Beatitudes to your life. You can grab a copy of this book at the link below.

This is part 2 of a series that will cover the overarching things that the Holy Spirit does in the lives of God’s children today.

[00:01 - 07:44] Opening Segment

  • Pastor Jeff talks about how the Holy Spirit baptizes us into Christ.
  • The Holy Spirit baptizes us to become indwelled with the Holy Spirit of God and makes us members of the body of Christ.

[07:45 - 14:39] Reproduces the Character of Jesus Christ

  • The Holy Spirit reproduces the character of Christ within us.
  • Christ wants to replace the dominance of the human sin nature with His own nature within us.
  • The Holy Spirit helps and gives us an understanding of the Word of God.
  • Pastor Jeff talks about asking the Holy Spirit to answer our questions and give us wisdom in our everyday life.

 [14:40 - 21:19] Praying in the Spirit

  • Pastor Jeff talks about praying in the Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit gives power to our prayer, and it comes as we pray in the spirit.
  • Pastor Jeff breaks down the meaning of praying in the spirit.

 [21:20 - 27:00] Worship in The Spirit

  • Pastor Jeff talks about the role of The Holy Spirit in our worship. 
  • A  genuine worship ties to a dynamic fellowship with the holy spirit.
  • Pastor Jeff breaks down the meaning of true worship that flows out of love for God.

[27:01 - 29:53] Closing Segment

  • Thank you for listening! Please share this podcast with your friends and family.
  • Jen talks about the episode’s show notes to help you dive deeper into the doctrine and theology within the Christian faith.
  • Final words from Pastor Jeff and Jen.

Tweetable Quotes:

"The baptizing work of The Holy Spirit may be defined as that work we're by the spirit places to believer into Union with Christ and into Union with other believers in the body of Christ.” - Paul P Enns.

“Praying in the spirit is praying according to the spirit leading and what the spirit leads us to pray for.” - Pastor Jeff Cranston.

Bible Verses and Other Sources Mentioned:

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