Kitchen Table Theology

045 Bonus: Bible Study Tools

February 14, 2021 Pastor Jeff Cranston Season 2 Episode 45
Kitchen Table Theology
045 Bonus: Bible Study Tools
Show Notes

Welcome to this bonus episode in which Pastor Jeff Cranston is going to suggest a few basic tools that you might want to use on a regular basis as you do your personal Bible study.

Let’s dive into the episode and learn more about some Bible study tools.

[00:01 - 04:34] Opening Segment

  • Jen talks about the topic of today’s episode.
  • Pastor Jeff gives a brief introduction to the Bible study tools.
  • Developing a hunger for God's Word.
  • Pastor Jeff talks about the analogy of a baby kangaroo.

[04:35 - 09:50] Trustworthy and Understandable Translation Bible

  • Pastor Jeff talks about the story of a french philosopher, Voltaire. 
    • He shares the ironic twist of God’s providence.
  • Pastor Jeff shares three valuable tools for new Christians to study the Bible.
  • Trustworthy and understandable translation Bible.
    • Get a well-bound copy of the Bible to be your constant companion.
  • The Zondervan New American Standard translation study Bible.
    • Marginal reference note 
  • The Hebrew Greek-Keyword Study Bible, by AMG publishers.

 [09:51 - 12:04] Good Concordance

  • Pastor Jeff talks about the meaning of concordance.
  • Pastor Jeff talks about the concordance at the back of the Bible.
    • They tend to be translation specific. 
  • Every great concordance is found online, and they are available for free.

 [12:05 - 16:00] Good Commentary

  • Pastor Jeff explains what a Bible Commentary is.
  • The Bible commentator gives us details that we do not have in the simple reading of Scriptures. 
  • Pastor Jeff talks about the various types of Bible commentaries.
    • Critical, technical, or exegetical commentary.
    • Expository commentary
    • Devotional commentary

[16:01 - 17:17] Closing Segment

  • Final words from Pastor Jeff.

Tweetable Quotes:

"A person whose life is really truly been transformed by Christ has the hunger for the word of God.” - Pastor Jeff Cranston.

“Every great concordance is found online, and they are available for free.” - Pastor Jeff Cranston.

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