Kitchen Table Theology

052 Interview with Dr. Dana Goodnough

April 11, 2021 Pastor Jeff Cranston Season 2 Episode 52
Kitchen Table Theology
052 Interview with Dr. Dana Goodnough
Show Notes

In this special episode, Pastor Jeff Cranston has a conversation with Dr. Dana Goodnough. Dr. Goodnough is the Lead Pastor of Pittsford Community Church (New York), and has been a pastor in the church since 1985. He is also an author of an incredible book that we will discuss, entitled ‘Three Minute Theology.’

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Let’s dig in as we discuss the topic of theology and its current situation in Christian culture. 

[00:01 - 06:19] Opening Segment

  • Let’s welcome and get to know Dr. Dana Goodnough.
  • Pastor Jeff and Dr. Dana share their experience in the ministry.
  • Pastor Jeff gives a brief introduction of Dr. Dana’s book 
    • Three-Minute Theology: 66 Simple Lessons on Basic Bible Doctrines.
  • Dr. Dana talks about how he stays and pastoring a church since 1985.

[06:20 - 15:41] Three-Minute Theology

  • Dr. Dana shares the reason why he wrote this book.
  • Pastor Jeff and Dr. Dana discuss the increase of unawareness of theology among Christians today.
  • The major misperception of the difficulty of theology.
  •  Dr. Dana talks about the mystery of doctrines in Scripture and how he comprehends that.
  • Dr. Dana breaks down what it means to do theology and Christianity.

[15:42 - 22:49] The Current situation and Emerging Trends in Christian Culture.

  • Pastor Jeff talks about the results of the theological survey.
  • Dr. Dana shares his view on the results of the survey.
  • Dr. Dana shares the repercussions that he foresees for the churches as we move to the next decade.
  • Dr. Dana talks about the emerging trends in the western church that are theologically dangerous.

[22:50 - 28:08] Closing Segment

  • Dr. Dana shares encouragement for us as theologians to move forward
    • Redefine what we think of as the church and are we a counterculture.
    • Live in a way that shows love to our neighbor and others.
    • Live in faith, love, and the whole reality of our Christian experience.
  • Connect with Dr. Dana at the links below.
  • Final words from Pastor Jeff.

Tweetable Quotes:

The study of theology is a lifelong journey that gets even richer the further you go along.” -  Dr. Dana Goodnough.

Why would we love God with our mind?  because that's going to keep us on track with our soul and over our practice.” -  Dr. Dana Goodnough.

There are mysteries that God doesn’t intend for us to fully comprehend.” -  Dr. Dana Goodnough.

Bible Verses and Other Sources Mentioned:

To connect and know more about Dr. Dana Goodnough, you can visit and


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