Kitchen Table Theology

079 Where Did Demons Come From?

October 17, 2021 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 79
Kitchen Table Theology
079 Where Did Demons Come From?
Show Notes

“We know from the Genesis account of creation that everything God made, He deemed it to be very good. So that would tell us that even the angelic world that God created did not have demons in it at the time of creation.” - Pastor Jeff Cranston 

Hello Kitchen Table Theology Family!  In this episode, Pastor Jeff and Jen Denton continue their discussion on Angelology. So far in this series, we’ve discussed what angels are, what they do within God’s purpose, and our relationship with angels. Today we discuss the topic of Demonology.  


[00:01] What Do We Know About Demons?

  • Demons are fallen angelic beings 
  • We see a lot of caricatures of devils and demons, but what are they really?

 [04:05] What Does The Bible Tell Us About Demons?

  • Demons are created spiritual beings with moral judgment, high intelligence, but without physical bodies
  • In Genesis 1 and 2, everything God made, He deemed good
    • Demons were not yet part of creation
    • It could be argued that sometime between Genesis 1:31 - Genesis 3:1 there was a rebellion in the angelic world 
  • What happened to demons?
    • Rebellious angels were removed from God's presence and their activity was restricted (2 Peter 2, Jude 6)
    • The fall of Satan (Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28) 
  • Satan throughout the Old Testament (Job 1, 1 Chronicle 1)

 [10:58] Who is Satan?

  • The word ‘satan’ means adversary  
  • Satan was part of God’s original creation, once good, but after rebelling, he incurred eternal punishment. When Satan fell, a large number of the heavenly angels chose to go with him, incurring eternal damnation as well    
  • The other names of Satan 
  • Why does Jesus call Peter Satan in Matthew 16? 


 [17:29] Final Thoughts    

  • Final words 
    • Stay tuned for our next episode all about the activities of Satan and his demons
  • Connect with us! 


Key Quotes

“[Satan] would have had to be part of God's creation that originally was created. And God said it was very good. So he was originally created as a holy angel, and he apparently occupied the highest position among all the angels. But he chose to rebel against God. And when he did that, he incurred the condemnation and the judgment of relentless eternal punishment and divine retribution.” - Pastor Jeff Cranston  

“Satan actively works to thwart the plans and purposes of God.“ -  Pastor Jeff Cranston   


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